Ship Your Friends an Embarrassing Box Prank: MicroPenisCure. We Mail Your Target a Hilariously Labeled Package to Make Them Cringe. Great Gag Gift & Practical Joke. Guaranteed to Mortify & Offend!.

  • IMAGINE THEIR WINCING FACE when the postal worker gives them this bundle or the mail fellow at work strolls this to their work area. It’ll be magnificent! MUAHAHAHA
  • APRIL FOOLS every minute of every day. We trust the world needs more benevolent devilishness in it. Like Gandhi stated, “Be the change you need to find on the planet.” So we send trick micropenis bundles. Furthermore, YOU CAN TOO!
  • TOTALLY ANONYMOUS OR LEAVE A NOTE. Pick “This is a Gift” amid checkout and leave your note. We’ll print it and incorporate it in the bundle so you can insult your victim.
  • UPGRADE TO MAKE THEM SIGN FOR IT. Pick Expedited Shipping to update your trick and make them sign for the bundle. They’ll need to stay there marking a slip while the postal worker quietly judges them.
  • WE ALSO HAVE GLITTER BOMBS! Look Amazon for Witty Yeti Glitter Bomb for our confetti bomb versions!

Choose the Gift of Maximum Cringe

How frequently do you get the opportunity to upset individuals with only a couple of snaps. What an opportunity to be alive!

– INSTRUCTIONS – Make beyond any doubt you select your objective’s address

In the event that you send it to yourself and gripe to us, we will snicker at you.

If you need to leave them a note

Check the “This is a blessing” box near the “Add to Cart” catch then on the checkout page, type your message in the “Blessing Message” box. We will print out the note and incorporate it inside the bundle.

If you need them to need to sign for it in-person

Pick assisted delivering and we’ll overhaul the transportation so they’ll need to sign for it face to face. It’ll be amusing.

– FAQ – Are you all genuine right now?

As genuine as a cracking miniaturized scale penis. Doing God’s work, individuals.

Are there other “site” names available?

Unquestionably. Look Amazon for “BigAssDildos” and “VaginalOdorHelper” to send one from that point. What’s more, we’ll be including more after some time.

I got one of these. My collaborators saw it. What the heck do I do now?

There’s just a single activity: Get Revenge. Scan for Witty Yeti on Amazon to see the greater part of our trick alternatives. What about a trick shower bomb that begins noticing stunning at that point smells like exacting ass following a couple of minutes? Or on the other hand a harmless bundle that is really a sparkle gun? We have choices for you, infant!

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Not at all like your miniaturized scale peniled companion’s triumphs, you will be totally happy with this individual from our stock. In the event that we didn’t totally destroy your companion’s day, essentially contact us through the Amazon informing administration and we will react inside 24 hours to make it right even on the ends of the week. We completely ensure your fulfillment or your cash back!

Happy Pranking!


Dimensions 13 × 2.5 × 2.5 cm

hilarious mail prank for dudes


Witty Yeti


Office Product




male ego small tiny penis dick cock joke




Witty Yeti




funny gifts for guys




funny gifts for guys


Witty Yeti


Witty Yeti


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