Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo – Premium Hair Growth Shampoo with Cold Pressed Castor Oil, For All Hair Types, Moisturizes Hair, Keeps Hair Silky Soft and Smooth, 16 oz. (473ml).

  • CASTOR OIL GOODNESS IN A SHAMPOO – The best Cold Pressed Castor Oil from Shiny Leaf is currently in your hair development cleanser. We’ve influenced this astonishing hair to mind item so you can receive the rewards of Castor oil as you wash your hair.
  • FOR HAIR GROWTH – Castor Oil is known to help battle male pattern baldness by fortifying the follicles to enable hair to become speedier and thicker. The cleanser is rich in supplements that assistance with sound hair regrowth.
  • DETOXIFY, CLEANSE, AND CLARIFY – Pollution, soil, and tidy all add to influencing hair to look filthy, irritated, and dry. Utilize Castor Oil hair development Shampoo each day to keep tresses free of airborne components that add to hair bluntness. Get crisp and clean hair that shines.
  • MANAGEABLE HAIR – Make hair delicate and simple to deal with this saturating cleanser. Solid locks are anything but difficult to style and take after everything you might do. Carry back hair’s excellence and brilliance with this stunning shampoo.
  • SAFE FOR EVERY HAIR TYPE AND COLOR – The cleanser is incredible for each hair shading and hair write. It even takes a shot at shaded and treated hair. It is vegetarian well disposed and never tried on animals.

Appreciate the supplement rich castor oil that detoxifies and purifies with Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Shampoo. This invigorating cleanser contains a similar hair saturating Cold Pressed Castor Oil that makes your hair delicate, smooth, and reasonable. It is high in Ricinoleic corrosive that advances sound hair development. Utilize this feeding cleanser to help upgrade hair’s surface and lift sparkle.

This extraordinary cleanser does ponders for detoxifying and purifying your tresses. It takes away earth and other hair items left from styling. Hair turns out to be new, clean, and exquisite.

The best element of castor oil is its outstanding capacity to empower the hair follicles to help develop longer and more grounded hair. Utilizing the cleanser consistently helps battle male pattern baldness and enhance hair regrowth. With proceeded with utilize, you get longer, thicker tresses.

The castor oil in the cleanser isn’t simmered. Broiling the oil builds its temperature, which adds to the loss of essential supplements that castor oil gives. Frosty squeezing, then again, helps protect all the imperative vitamins and minerals that the oil contains. The chilly squeezing process guarantees that your hair gets all the most extreme advantages that castor oil brings. This is the reason Shiny Leaf just uses Organic Pressed Castor Oil in our cleanser.

Other Important Features of Castor Oil Shampoo:

  • Great for all hair writes and hair color.
  • Moisturizing equation keeps hair supported from root to tip.
  • Cleanses and De-Stresses hair.
  • Helps with male pattern baldness and hair regrowth.
  • Provides a crisp and clean feeling with each use.
  • Safe to utilize each day.

For best outcomes, use with Shiny Leaf Cold Pressed Castor Oil Conditioner and Organic Castor Oil.


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16 oz


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