Shazo Airtight Container Set for Food Storage – 12 Piece Set + 18 Labels & Marker – Strong Heavy Duty Plastic – BPA Free – Airtight Storage Clear Plastic w/White Interchangeable Easy Lock Lids. 

  • COMPLETE RANGE OF SIZES – Full scope of sizes ! store your most loved nourishment into these proficient holders. With 12 distinct sizes for edibles everything being equal, sizes, and volumes, you won’t need to stress over sticking your edibles into compartments. Incorporates 2 Tall Container (8 glasses/1.9 liters), 2 Medium Container (6 mugs/1.3 liters), 4 Small Containers (3.6 mugs/0.8 liter), 4 Mini Container (1.4 mugs/0.5 liter)
  • DRY FOOD LIQUID & FRIENDLY – Not just are these useful for dry nourishments, yet our compartments are incredible for holding fluids, for example, water, juice, soup, and the sky is the limit from there. Compartment corners take into consideration simple pouring. Try not to stress over spills as the Shazo holders are intended to seal all fluids with water/air proof technology
  • SECURE SEALING – Once the ring on the cover is pushed down, the silicone seal inside the top will extend to seal the container, making complete airtightness. Pop the ring back up and it fills in as a handle to lift the cover. Gives most extreme freshness and delayed sustenance storage.
  • STACKABLE LID DESIGN – With a stackable and particular structure, these compartments will spare you a huge amount of space in your wash room and cupboards for better kitchen organization.
  • 18 LARGE LABELS & MARKER – Matte surface with a fresh spotless uniform shape; The surface isn’t sparkling or dangerous; STRONG and DURABLE for an engaging look; These are VINYL stickers – Unlike contact paper, these Premium Labels enables standard or any fluid marker to compose on. Marker included.

PREMIUM QUALITY SHAZO AIRTIGHT FOOD CONTAINERS WITH AIRTIGHT LID Complete 12 Piece Set + 18 Labels & Marker ! Made from BPA free plastic, these compartments have been tried to be solid and durable. Stores kitchen staples and Baking supplies like rice, flour, sugar, and espresso beans in these durable guardians. Included:

2 Tall Container (8 mugs/1.9 liters)

2 Medium Container (6 mugs/1.3 liters)

4 Small Containers (3.6 mugs/0.8 liter)

4 Mini Container (1.4 mugs/0.5 liter) Easy Cleaning:

For the top notch quality material, simple to clean by delicate cleanser water with hands. Air-Tight and Convenient:

We realize that names are incredible, however just reveal to you a player in the story, now you can know what number of treats, wafers, flour or beans are left without opening them all up and glimpse inside. Clear Plastic Body and Lightweight:

Made of tough plastic material for holders body, visual like glass however not as substantial as glass, you can rapidly observe what inside exactly initially. Increasingly advantageous to discover what you required and renew your provisions. Break Resistant and Shatterproof:

You can fill them with all your most loved nourishment basic sustenances in the anyplace and don’t stress over them around your children. They won’t made back the initial investment when dropped from the best retire, will be progressively more secure at that point glass or earthenware compartments. NOTE:Some of our more established clump had issue with breaking of cover handles, the issue has been settled the new bunch. In the event that you got holders from our past bunch and have any issue with breaking of any cover please told us we will have the capacity to help you these are very simple to settle as should be obvious in the video.

Weight 7.7 kg
Dimensions 20.3 × 16.7 × 4.6 cm



















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