Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, 0.9375 ounce (Pack of 4), Latex-Free, Polyurethane Foam, Multi-Purpose, Round Bottom Makeup Sponges, Ideal for Blending. 

  • Optimize your excellence routine with the main marked cosmetics wipe; this flexible magnificence device was outlined with a progressive froth innovation to equally mix cosmetics for a smooth, upgraded complete; utilize moist for a dewy sparkle or dry for a full coverage
  • Use adjusted sides to mix substantial zones of the face with a touching movement; the exactness tip covers flaws and defects; utilize level edge for molding around the eyes and nose; Miracle Complexion Sponges are perfect for fluid establishment and latex-free
  • Our Miracle Complexion Sponge enables you to apply fluid and cream establishments faultlessly, giving your skin a poreless, digitally embellished appearance. Simple to utilize, the wipe highlights adjusted sides that enable you to cover establishment up extensive territories of your face
  • The level edge permits shape mixing; completed with an accuracy tip that is ideal for focusing on flaws and defects, the Miracle Complexion Sponge from Real Techniques will deliver superior quality outcomes, so you can make an expert finish
  • Through Real Techniques, ladies everywhere throughout the world are changing their cosmetics schedules, and themselves also, with the receptive mastery, companionship, & master apparatuses from Sam & Nic; welcome to the Real Techniques Community, and get behind the look
Optimize your magnificence routine with the #1 marked cosmetics wipe. This flexible excellence instrument was outlined with a progressive froth innovation to equally mix cosmetics for a smooth, improved wrap up. Utilize moist for a dewy gleam or dry for a full scope. Samantha and Nicola Chapman grew up encompassed by cosmetics. Their auntie was a best cosmetics craftsman in London, working with customers like David Bowie and Princess Diana. Their mum was cosmetics included as well, continually experimenting with the most recent patterns and being inventive with her looks. As young ladies, they probed each other, and obviously Nic was the guinea pig, since Sam was the more established sister. When it came time to pick their profession way, unmistakably cosmetics aestheticness was the approach. They were gifted, imaginative, and quick to follow in the strides of their fruitful close relative. Be that as it may, above all — they were enthusiastic about magnificence. In 2011, the Real Techniques brush accumulation was propelled. Staggering brush quality was combined with proficient, fascinating, fun training from Sam and Nic. The dispatch day was important, as ladies from around the globe began pouring to the site to take in more about this new brand. Decently fast, a worldwide group of ladies who adored cosmetics started to frame. Not exclusively do they have a solid association with Sam & Nic, yet they likewise interface with each other — channeling in via web-based networking media to answer inquiries and give input. Today, the brand has taken off in the US, UK, and around the globe. Sam and Nic keep on growing as best cosmetics craftsmen, composing segments for national magazines and daily papers, showing up on real system TV as excellence specialists, and altering their own advanced magazine. Through Real Techniques, ladies wherever are changing their cosmetics schedules, and themselves, with the agreeable mastery, kinship, and apparatuses from Sam & Nic.
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Dimensions 7.7 × 4 × 1.7 cm



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