Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener’s Drip Kit. 

  • Provides everything expected to introduce a watering sparing Drip framework with scope up to 75 square feet in cultivate or finished areas
  • Precise Drip watering for green, solid plant development with low water utilization and less weeds
  • Simple establishment without requirement for burrowing or pipes skills
  • Waters root zone of plants with producer gadgets for better wellbeing and water investment funds up to 40%
  • Includes establishment device to improve inclusion and evacuation of little pointed fittings and drippers/emitters
  • 50-piece pack with direction manual: incorporates spot watering producers, 1/4″ dispersion tubing, stakes, and fittings, 1/2″ producer and appropriation tubing, stakes and fittings, in addition to controller and spigot association kit
Rain Bird GRDNERKIT Drip Irrigation Gardener’s Drip Kit. Helpful pack gives all that you have to Drip inundate a garden or arranged territory of up to 75 square feet with most extreme watering proficiency; hydrating the root zone of plants for better wellbeing and water reserve funds up to 65%. Introduces effortlessly with no burrowing or pipes aptitudes required. Highlights Rain Bird’s rough 1/2″ producer tubing with worked in weight adjusting .09 gallon for each hour producers each 18″ to give uniform end-to-end watering of vegetable lines, ground cover and other firmly separated plants. Joins effectively to your outside spigot or hose with included multi-work Faucet Connection Kit which manages weight, channels dregs and forestalls reverse; the three fundamentals for a Drip framework to work proficiently. Weight repaying dripper/producers and 1/4″ Drip tubing are incorporated for spot watering of individual plants. Rain Bird’s weight repaying innovation guarantees all plants get a similar measure of water paying little heed to their situation along the tubing run. Protected producers are intended for obstruct safe stream to guarantee even, dependable watering with zero support. Proficient review tubing highlights industry driving adaptability for more tightly turns with less elbows giving quick, simple establishment and in addition unmatched protection from chemicals, green growth development and UV harm. Tubing’s interesting Micro-Porous development makes a ultra-tight association; it extends over fittings at that point shrivels making it relatively difficult to expel without cutting. Straightforward establishment includes association with outside spigot or hose; running Blank Distribution tubing over the ground to the planting region, where you put Emitter tubing and drippers/producers close to the base of your plants. Cover with soil or mulch material to conceal tubing. All watering gadgets are obstruct safe and particularly intended to give reliable watering of all plants, guaranteeing predictable development, better vegetable yields and protection from sickness. Incorporates protected one-advance Emitter Installation/Removal Tool to accelerate and improve inclusion and evacuation of little spiked fittings and drippers/producers. To computerize your framework, include a Rain Bird 1ZEHTMR Hose-End Timer (sold independently). Every Gardener’s Drip Kit contains: (1) Faucet Connection Kit, (1) 50′ x 1/2″ move producer tubing, (1) 50′ x 1/2″ clear circulation tubing move, (1) 25′ x 1/4″ clear conveyance tubing, (2) 1/2″ thorned couplings, (3) 1/2″ spiked tees, (2) 1/2″ pointed elbows, (1) 1/2″ end conclusion, (10) electrifies stakes, (5) 1/4″ spiked tees, (2) 1/4″ spiked couplings, (5) 1/4″ tubing stakes, (10) 1/4″ tubing plugs, (5) 1.0 gallon for each hour spot watering producers, (1) producer establishment/evacuation device. Rain Bird “The Intelligent Use of Water”
Weight 6.65 kg
Dimensions 18.45 × 18.25 × 5.6 cm



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