Professional Large End Grain Wood Cutting Board 20”x15”x1.5” with 3 Piece Treatment Kit/Cheese Board/Charcuterie Board/Party Platter/Chopping Board ~OX CHOP. 

  • GUARANTEED NOT TO WARP, CRACK, OR SPLIT – OX Chop Cutting Boards are made in light of solidarity. Our development configuration makes for the most grounded slicing board conceivable and avoids distorting and splitting experienced with other wood sheets. Every OX Chop Board is hand made by gifted American craftsmen.
  • This top notch end grain cutting board is ideal for your next gathering or get together. A blend of various wood species makes an excellent knitted look and means no two sheets will be actually the equivalent. Our OX Chop Large board estimate is 1/2″ in thickness and 12″ x 7″. Each board has elastic feet on one side to counteract slipping.
  • BEST HARD WOOD – OX Chop is included fundamentally of repurposed American hardwoods developed from economical ranger service rehearses. Hardwoods incorporate Maple, Walnut, & Cherry
  • FREE – Includes 3 Piece OX Chop Treatment Kit
OX CHOP – MORE THAN JUST FOR CUTTING! First Time use: Prior to the primary utilization of your new Ox Chop, we suggested you apply a layer of Ox Chop Board Wax to seal the surface. Apply generously with a spotless material, paper towel or the included froth instrument to all surfaces. Enable the board to sit for a hour at that point evacuate the abundance wax with a spotless fabric or paper towel. After each Use: Sanitize and clean your board after each utilization by wiping it with a drying towel and hot lathery water (wring out abundance sudsy water) trailed by a weakened fade arrangement (one teaspoon of dye to a quart of water) or a blend of 1 section to 5 sections weakening of vinegar in water. Completely dry the best, base and sides of your board. After your board is dry, apply a liberal layer of Ox Chop Board Oil to all surfaces and enable the oil to douse into the wood grain. At that point apply a layer of Ox Chop Board Wax to seal the surfaces following the bearings above. At the very least, you should apply oil and additionally wax when water or liquids never again dab at first glance. Inability to legitimately think about your Ox Chop Cutting Board will void the guarantee and may bargain ease of use. Take care not to drop your Ox Chop on the end finger groove as it might be harmed or broken. Never put your Ox Chop in the dishwasher, submerge in water or flush under the fixture. Try not to utilize vegetable or olive oils to regard your board as they can move toward becoming rancid.
Weight 13.8 kg
Dimensions 24.02 × 17.01 × 3.78 cm

OX Chop










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