Premium Quality Bed Pad, Quilted, Waterproof, and Washable , 34″ x 52″ The Best Underpad Sheet Protector for Children or Adults with Incontinence. 

  • WATERPROOF UNDERPAD: The reusable bed cushion makes a waterproof hindrance between any fluid and your sheets or sleeping pad. To a great degree permeable and effortlessly launderable and dryable.
  • NEW! Ensures SENSITIVE SKIN: Quilted 3-layer texture feels good against skin while it retains fluids and secures against stains and spills.
  • NON-SLIP BACKING: No issue the amount you thrash around amid rest, the Epica underpad stays put. Polyester upheld vinyl – not plastic – won’t crease uproariously the way dispensable cushions do – rest in agreeable silence.
  • EXTRA LONG FOR FULL COVERAGE: 52 inches in length and 34 inches wide gives you a lot of space to move around while you’re dozing without stressing that you’ll stray from the cushion. 50/50 polyester and cotton won’t shrink.
  • QUILTING ABSORBS WETNESS, INNER CORE LOCKS IN MOISTURE: The Epica bed cushion draws dampness far from your skin and fends off it so you stay agreeable while your sheets and bedding stay dry.

Extra Large Coverage For Protection Where You Need It

The Epica Bed Pad is measured to fit a twin sleeping pad totally when it’s turned the long way. Turning it transversely gives you more space to move around on bigger beds without giving up scope. Measures a liberal 52 creeps by 34 inches.

Wash It Again And Again

Regardless of how often you run the Epica Bed Pad through the clothes washer and dryer, you won’t shrivel it and the waterproof layer won’t separate. The underside is non-slip so the cushion stays where you put it. Your sheets and sleeping pad remain totally dry on the grounds that the cushion’s sewn best side and spongy internal center secures fluids.

Plush Top Layer Is Brushed To A Cloud-Like Softness

At the point when organizations hold back on quality, bed cushions can be unpleasant on the skin and emit noisy crinkling commotions each time you move. The Epica Bed Pad utilizes just premium quality materials and has built an underpad so rich that you’ll rest positive about the learning that you’re shielded from any mishap.

We Stand Behind Our Products So You Can Rest Easy

At Epica, we take pride in conveying top quality items that improve your life. On the off chance that your Premium Bed Pad doesn’t satisfy desires – we need to get notification from you so we can make it right.

Order Your New Epica Bed Pad Today and Rest Confidently Knowing You’re Protected

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