Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet 2 Piece Set (12.5 inch & 8 inch Pans) Best Heavy Duty Professional Restaurant Chef Quality Pre Seasoned Pan Cookware Set – Great For Frying, Saute, Cooking Pizza & More. 

  • HEAVY DUTY 2 PIECE SET – 12.5 inch and 8 inch Cast press skillets are an immortal must-have for each kitchen. Amsha Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet 2-Piece Set is for all intents and purposes indestructible and will a years ago, decades, and ages to come!
  • PRE-SEASONED – Pre-prepared with soy-based oil to make it prepared to be utilized straight out of the container, which is significantly more successful than at home pre-flavoring. Processing plant pre-flavoring makes our cast press skillets practically non-stick, simple to spotless, ensured against scratches, and will likewise make your nourishment rich in flavor!(but re-flavoring is prescribed to abstain from staying issues for a smoother and non-stick surface).
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL – Amsha Kitchen cast press cookware is multi-useful, and appropriate for a wide range of cooking strategies. Utilize our skillets on the stove top, in broiler, over an open air fire, and notwithstanding when moderate cooking! Our set is incredible for broiling, sautéing, cooking, flame broiling, and the sky is the limit from there. Incredible for toast breads, goulashes, egg dishes, burgers, chicken, angle and more.
  • TASTE THE WAY FOOD WAS “Signified” TO BE MADE! – Cast press is favored by gourmet culinary specialists around the globe, and it’s constantly utilized by the individuals who request flawlessness. Our structure gives better warmth maintenance than cooking. Also, they direct warmth equally, with the goal that your dinners will turn out flawlessly cooked each time.
  • EASY CLEANING – To clean cast iron, never utilize cleanser; basically scour your skillet with a firm brush and heated water and dry it totally; it isn’t dishwasher safe. After each utilization, and especially after you wash it with water, you should completely dry and condition the dish with oil for longer durability.

Amsha Kitchen Cast Iron Skillet 2-Piece Set (12.5 inch, 8 inch Pans) This 12.5″ and 8″ skillets will keep going for quite a long time and keep on giving brilliant execution a seemingly endless amount of time. This Amsha Kitchen cast press skillet set is the ideal decision for burning, sauteing, stewing, braising, preparing, simmering and fricasseeing. The tough cast press development warms gradually and equally. Not exclusively would you be able to broil chicken and eggs, you can prepare scones, cakes and breads on the 12″ & 8 ‘ Cast Iron Skillet! You will think that its ideal for use at home on any cooking surface stovetop (electric, gas or acceptance), on the flame broil or over the open air fire. No other cookware has a similar warmth maintenance as cast press. Presently how about we eat! 2″ Deep-Safe for cooking on all cooking surfaces: electric, gas and acceptance stovetops, broiler, fire and flame broil

– Seasoned cast press is the first nonstick surface

– Cast press is best for warming and warmth maintenance

– Cast press is a fantastic wellspring of wholesome iron

– Natural Healthy Cooking

– Cast press is temperate and solid

– Must-have for each kitchen!

– Makes an incredible blessing

All our cast press cookware is LEAD, PFOA and PTFE FREE.

Weight 10.7 kg
Dimensions 16.7 × 12.4 × 3.2 cm



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