hOmeLabs 3 in 1 Ionic Air Purifier with HEPA Filter – Portable Quiet Mini Air Purifier Ionizer to Reduce Mold, Odor, Smoke for Desktop Small Room up to 50 Sq Ft – Travel Air Purifiers for Allergies.

  • HEALTHIER HEPA TECHNOLOGY: Our HEPA channel expels 99% of air debasements, similar to tidy, dust, smoke, terrible stenches, form and pet dander. Less airborne hypersensitivities and contaminations inside your home or lodging room makes for a more secure and more beneficial condition for you and your family, or flat mates, or felines. It even traps the extremely littlest airborne particles (the kind you can’t see) and is a fun present for the stuffy-nosed individuals in your life.
  • 4-STAGE FILTERING: That’s an entire additional phase of filtration up on what different purifiers have. Ideal for those with sensitivities or stuffy noses, or incessant voyagers, our 4 thorough, substantial obligation, merciless channels incorporate a PRE-channel that gets the enormous stuff like pet dander, form spores, plant dusts and allergens – things that don’t have a place in your home or inn room, not to mention your nose/lungs.
  • ELIMINATES ODORS, BOOSTS FRESHNESS: Bye, awful stenches. Our Ionic air purifier utilizes enacted carbon and a 360-degree air gulf to take out those undesirable scents your pets make, or your cooking made, or your motel room cover is making. At that point, our additional crisp particle promoter (it’s as extravagant as it sounds) discharges a large number of negative particles to altogether filter your air. Furthermore, adaptable fan settings enable you to pick the calmer, rest agreeable “low” power, or max-freshness “high” power.
  • COMPACT, CONTEMPORARY AND CONVENIENT: Fresh air, even in your residence, lodging, washroom, wardrobe, office, room, and so on. Our purifier measures 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 inches, yet has a scope of up to 50 sq-feet; much like a tactful head servant, it’ll take care of business and you won’t see it’s there. It’s even sufficiently little to hurl into a bag. At the point when it’s an ideal opportunity to change the channel, a helpful pointer light will caution you right away.
  • WORRY-FREE WARRANTY: And genuine people client benefit. We offer a 2-year guarantee period, in addition to an additional a half year when you join on our site. Should you have to utilize the guarantee, all arrival shipping is free. On the off chance that you have any inquiries regarding our items, you can achieve our group of specialists by means of talk, email or telephone – whatever works best for you!

Shield yourself from destructive airborne pollutions and regular family allergens, and inhale less demanding with the hOme 3 out of 1 Ionic Air Purifier. With a thorough 4-arrange separating process that evacuates expansive flotsam and jetsam like pets dander and shape spores, and a HEPA channel that traps particles as minor as 0.3 microns in estimate and diminishes smells with Activated Carbon, it’s the ideal smaller machine answer for keeping your office work area and other little spaces in your home free of indoor contaminations, so you can remain solid and safe. Product Details & Features

  • Size: 6.7 x 6.7 x 7.5 inches
  • Weight: 2.4 lbs
  • Power: AC 110V/4.6W/50~60Hz
  • CADR rate: 50 CFM (85.2 cu.m/h)
  • ETL ensured connector attachment and power cord
  • For little spaces with scope up to 50 square feet
  • 4-arrange sifting and air cleaning process
  • 360° gulf to guarantee adequate airflow
  • Pre-channel to expel expansive garbage, clean, shape spores, plant dusts and more
  • HEPA channel to trap pollutions and particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Activated carbon in HEPA channel to expel scents from cooking, smoking and pets
  • Ion promoter that discharges 3 million negative particles for each cubic cm to refine and refresh encompassing air
  • 2 fan rates to modify air decontamination level (utilize low-speed for calm experience)
  • Red channel change marker light to guarantee ideal performance
  • Helpful LED lights to show mode (red = standby; blue = running)


Weight 3.15 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 8.7 × 8.5 cm

























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