PetSafe 3in1 Harness, from the Makers of the Easy Walk Harness, Fully Adjustable No-Pull Dog Harness. 

  • STOPS PULLING: Reduce or quit pulling with the no-pull vertical martingale circle and front D-ring cut; with no weight on the sensitive throat zone, your pooch won’t stifle, choke or cough
  • CONTROL IN THE CAR: Keep your fuzzy companion safe in your auto, truck or SUV; utilize the dim safety belt handle on your tackle or the flexible auto control lash for an effortless ride
  • GREAT FOR RUNNING: The back chain D-ring influences this the ideal to outfit for running or running with your puppy; intelligent nylon gives perceivability in low light and delicate cushioning gives an agreeable fit
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT: Five alteration focuses let you make a custom fit for your puppy; advantageous labels enable you to recall where each lash fits: shoulders, focus chest or girth
  • HERE TO HELP: If you require help choosing the correct size, if it’s not too much trouble contact our U.S.- based Customer Care masters at 1-800-845-3274 or [email protected] They are glad to answer your inquiries and walk you through the estimating process.
  • TWO POINT CONTROL: Use with the PetSafe 2-Point Control Leash (sold independently) for extra no-pull encouragement
  • EASY REPLACEMENTS: If your saddle is ever harmed because of biting or scratching, call PetSafe’s U.S.- based Customer Care Center and a trade can be sent for an ostensible fee
  • INDUSTRY EXPERTS: PetSafe mark has been an industry driving U.S. maker of pet conduct, regulation and way of life items since 1991, helping a huge number of individuals and pets each year

As an industry pioneer in pet tackles and nylon items, PetSafe is focused on furnishing you and your pets with the plain best. The 3in1 Harness is our most recent accomplishment and consolidates the accommodation of a standard canine bridle with a no-pull front rope connection alternative!


Not exclusively can you securely run or run with your puppy, however you’ll likewise have the capacity to train great practices to stop chain pulling and pulling. The front rope connection and vertical martingale circle expand on standards which we’ve consummated over decades in the business.


A front chain connection counters your pooch’s normal restriction reflex-the drive which prompts sled mutts to force and diminishes or kill pulling. We’ve additionally incorporated an advantageous auto control tie to help protect your canine while riding in an auto. Utilize the movable control lash or dim handle on the back of the outfit to slide the safety belt through and clasp as regular so your puppy remains securely limited.


With a front rope connection, back rope connection and auto control tie connection, the 3in1 Harness joins solace, security and flexibility into the ideal comprehensive tackle!

  • Extra Small: 10-25 lb. |13-19 in. Circumference | 9-14 in. Neck Measurement
  • Small: 25-45 lb. | 19-24 in. Bigness | 14-18 in. Neck Measurement
  • Medium: 45-75 lb. | 24-34 in. Bigness | 18-26 in. Neck Measurement
  • Large: 75-130 lb. | 29.5-42.5 in. Bigness | 24-38 in. Neck Measurement


Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 9.61 × 5.71 × 2.28 cm





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