Pest Contro Control Portable Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller. 

  • Targets rat bothers, similar to rodents and mice
  • Completely convenient – Place it where you require it and power isn’t available
  • Automatic 88 db. ultrasonic alarms with double ultrasonic frequency
  • Features new Custom , LED control pointer light, discernable test catch, control on/off
This new pestcontro Ultrasonic gadget is totally compact, which enables you to put it wherever you have to battle rat pervasions. Utilize it in your home, office, work environment, cabin, shed, patio, or boat shelter. When fueled on, two one S Ultrasonic alarm blasts are discharged from the front Speakers each three Min. One burst is at 25 kHz, & the S at 32 kHz recurrence. These recurrence ranges are capable of being heard to (rodents, mice, squirrels) & different vermin, yet indiscernible to people, felines, mutts & Birds. The burst frequencies substitute so rodents can’t adapt themselves to a solitary Ultrasonic recurrence. These Ultrasonic blasts are transmitted each 3 Min at an intense 88 dB level for 2 full S, with 1 S at every one of the two frequencies. This is Proven to be sufficiently uproarious to be an inconvenience to undesirable rodents & debilitate them from remaining inside earshot of your new Ultrasonic rat Repeller. Since this item is battery worked & does not require an attachment, you can put it where you require it. Point the Ultrasonic rat Repeller at issue regions. You can move the unit as frequently as you like, & as required. The LED control pointer light demonstrates to you the item is controlled on, & a capable of being heard test catch affirms the Ultrasonic capacity is working effectively. Your pestcontro Ultrasonic gadget ought to be utilized in rooms where indications of Mouse or rodent movement is watched. Arrangement of the gadget is imperative. Ultrasonic waves travel in a straight line & bob off non-engrossing materials to fill a room. Hard surfaces, for example, dividers, entryways, apparatuses, and so forth. Will mirror the Ultrasonic waves. The region secured by the Ultrasonic waves might be better when there are more intelligent surfaces. Ultrasonic waves can’t infiltrate through hard or strong items. Rodents behind these kinds of items won’t be repulsed. The transportability of your new pestcontro item enables you to unreservedly & as often as possible move the unit so the ultrasound waves approach those areas.
Weight 0.02 kg
Dimensions 5 × 3.02 × 2 cm



Pest Contro






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