Pado Ozen 500 Vacuum Blender, High Speed Blender for Blending Healthier Smoothies and Juice, Plus Extra Vacuum Storage Container – Silver. 

  • ANTIOXIDATION: Experience juice and smoothies more than ever. Striking rich hues and flavors. Incorporates extra vacuum stockpiling holder and free formula book.
  • MAXIMUM NUTRITION: Increased cell reinforcements, 2.6x more polyphenols, 4x more nutrient A, jam normal enzymes
  • UL STANDARD: Pado Ozen characterized the criteria for UL affirmation making it the pioneer in Vacuum Technology
  • VACUUM TECHNOLOGY and HEXA BLADE SYSTEM: Vacuum mixing forestalls layer division of fixings bringing about an enduring sound taste.
  • SMART FUNCTION: Made in Korea with keen capacities for computerized vacuuming and blending.
The Pado OZEN 500 is our advanced case enlivened plan vacuum blender. Pado Ozen genuine seal innovation makes a vacuum condition to diminish oxidation, carmelizing and rises to accomplish an ideal refreshment. Our UL endorsed vacuum blender is made in Korea with the most noteworthy consideration regarding quality and security. Vacuum mixing with the Pado Ozen blender produces supplement rich juice and smoothies with 2.6 times the cell reinforcements and 4 times the Vitamin A when tried against common blenders. Ordinary fast mixing decimates proteins from warmth contact. Ozen jam the rich regular shade of products of the soil mixing at the ideal speed in a vacuum domain. When you mix in a vacuum, products of the soil encounter lessened weight and subsequently extend. This development empowers a better mix with the remarkable hexa cutting edge plan of Pado Ozen vacuum blenders. Moderate juicers and fast blenders frame air bubbles bringing about lighter or pale hues. Vacuum mixing evacuates air to decrease the effect of oxidation, a key factor that causes staining. The Ozen 500 likewise avoids layer division of fixings bringing about a dependable clean taste. Conventional rapid blenders make air bubbles which join to filaments of vegetables and natural products along these lines layers are effortlessly isolated and upsetting to drink. Ozen’s joined vacuum mixing finely crushes filaments of vegetables or natural products making smooth tasting drinks enhanced with dietary strands. Presently you can appreciate more advantageous refreshments with a smooth surface for simple gulping and assimilation. Incorporates additional vacuum stockpiling compartment and free formula book.
Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 20.6 × 13 × 11.2 cm













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