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Oregon Scientific Wireless Rain Gauge Weather Station with Remote Sensor – Temperature Readings. 

  • ACCURACY – Up to .04 inches (1.02 mm) in estimation when perusing the precipitation collection.
  • WIRELESS – Wireless transmission up to 300 feet from rain measure sensor to the fundamental unit.
  • TEMPERATURE – The temperature remote sensor can transmit up to 100 feet to give a precise constant perusing. The primary base unit additionally peruses the room’s temperature.
  • DATA COLLECTION – The unit puts away to 10 long periods of information so you can check for past rain history data.
  • TIME and DATE – Optional highlights to indicate time and logbook date
Our Newest Wireless Rain Gauge with Outdoor Temperature and Ten Day Memory is our most loved rain measure. Having your own special rain check can be a fun and energizing route for you and your family to get required with climate instruments. Rain checks can likewise give helpful data to numerous open air devotees. Kick back and appreciate the rain and check it week after week to see whether your grass or garden needs extra watering. The Benefits of a remote rain measure? To get the best outcomes from a rain measure, appropriate arrangement is pivotal. Pick an open space that isn’t hindered by trees, dividers or structures to put the measure. To pick up an exact photo of the precipitation that has fallen, perused and record the estimations every day at around a similar time. Toward the finish of every week, decide the measure of precipitation that has fallen by including the day by day adds up to. Basically, know how much water you’re utilizing to water you grass or garden. Horticulturists love to quantify the precipitation all through a green house. Utilized as an important device to encourage ranchers and landowners measure dampness. This is an extraordinary Rain Gauge for: Home Owners, Farmers, Greenskeepers, Schools, Industries, Contractors, Airports, Orchardists, Hobbyists, Citrus Growers, Conservationists, Truck Gardeners, Government Agencies, Water Departments, Highway Departments, Agriculture and Horticulturists. To a great degree precise estimations! Additions of .04 Inch will enable you to know correctly how much dilute you are putting. Abstain from motivating wet to screen precipitation with the included remote show unit. Information is transmitted from a football field away (Wireless transmission extend up to 300 feet from PCR800 Wireless Self Emptying Rain Collector) (Up to 100 feet from remote THN802 Wireless Temperature Sensor) All embellishments included in addition to three AA batteries. Supplant batteries at regular intervals (utilize Lithium AA batteries for longer battery life and for temperatures that achieve less 22F or beneath. Every day precipitation and combined precipitation history is put away finished the previous nine days on the fundamental show unit for simple reference. This element is cool. Set your High day by day precipitation caution so you know when to kill the water system sprinkler for controlled watering. The four line show of the fundamental unit gives you a chance to see initially the Time, outside temperature, rain today and gathered precipitation add up to. Reward is that it compliments any garden or yard stylistic layout. Did you know? Plants require 1″- 1.5″ of water every week. Profound rare waterings are superior to a few light waterings. Profound Roots require less supplemental water system. Taller plants have further roots. Water system choices depend on the dirt water content. This Oregon Scientific RGR126N is the ideal instrument for the checking of dampness. The Rain Gauge does as such considerably more that we give it acknowledgment for. Enjoy!
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Weight 1.55 kg
Dimensions 12.4 × 9.1 × 1.9 cm

Oregon Scientific – OL


Oregon Scientific








This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.














Oregon Scientific – OL




Oregon Scientific – OL


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