Noico Metal Barrel Roller Installation Tool for Automotive Sound Deadening Insulation Materials for Cars & Truck (Audio Dampening & Deadener Installation). 

  • Noico Roller is a fundamental device for establishment of auto sound stifling. Measurements of roller’s wheel: width 1.2 inch = 30 mm, distance across 1.25 inch= 33 mm, handle length 5 inch = 125 mm. The roller’s handle is made of wood, the moving wheel is made of metal. The roller is an absolute necessity have apparatus on the off chance that you need to viably introduce your sound stifling without getting back and remedying the spots that you may have missed. The heaviness of the roller is 0.7 lbs.
  • Noico Roller has a turning wheel that is made of metal (a piece of the roller that really rolls the material and makes that adhere to the surface). Contrasting with plastic, wooden and polyurethane rollers, the metal turning wheel works substantially more effectively.
  • The Noico Roller has a layered profile that adds to better taking care of and keeps the barrel from slipping. The roller effectively moves over the surface and presses the sound stifling material to the surface of your car.
  • Noico Roller has a short anatomical handle which makes it easy as far as working. Additionally, the little size of the roller handle permits to reach even the most remote territories of the car.
  • Noico Roller is a particular apparatus for Dynamat, Gtmat, Noico, Kilmat, Hushmat, Stinger and another sound deadener brands that will to a great extent help to accurately introduce the soundproofing materials . Noico Roller is the best decision for the individuals who cherish their vehicle and would prefer not to squander their time!

Everyone who will sound stifle ones auto needs to know how to lay the material to the auto surface and maintain a strategic distance from holes or air bubbles. It worths specifying that wrong use of the material may bring about consumption of the metal. Practice demonstrates that it’s genuinely difficult to straighten the material with hands particularly in difficult to achieve remote areas. Noico roller can influence establishment to process simple and viable.

Why it is imperative to utilize the roller that is particularly made of metal?

Numerous individuals whine that wooden or silicone roller are not by any stretch of the imagination viable as they can be effectively brake and are not helpful to use.This kind of rollers slide as opposed to rolling and don’t satisfy their essential capacity.

  • 1)The heavier the roller the simpler for you to reveal the thwart. Clearly metal is an overwhelming material in contrast with wood or silicone
  • 2)It’s additionally vital for a roller to have folded surface. This will keep it from sliding. In addition, the roller’s folded surface will give you a times of delayed administration.
  • 3) You have to apply endeavors to appropriately reveal the material. Roller must be unbending to keep it from breaking. Metal roller can ensure a quality protection and long administration for a long time to come.

Make certain to utilize metal roller in the event that you are after skillful protection regardless of what material you use.

Weight 0.62 kg
Dimensions 7.25 × 1.75 × 1.75 cm







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