Mynt Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading, Built-in Heat Function, Customizable Air Pressure and Full Foot Coverage from Ankle to Toe. 

  • Premium Performance: Hi-tech cushions, rollers, and back rub innovation convey a vivid, proficient style treatment – from toes, to ankle.
  • Custom Refreshment: Select warmth, power and 3 pre-set cycles. 20 blends give customized treatment, supporting unwinding, blood stream and determined pains.
  • Tailored Technique: Choose from Japanese shiatsu or intense gaseous tension – for a customary, or current style massage.
  • Design Centric: Faster warming, clean foot sleeves and an exceptional form guarantee unrivaled back rub and long haul sturdiness. Ideal for use in the home, or office.
  • What You Get: Premium Foot Massager, Charger, Charging Cable, Owner’s Manual, two year guarantee & fan most loved support.

Premium Foot Massager

The Professional Foot Massager with Superior Selection

Hi Mynt – Refreshment, Evolved.

– Engineered with Leading Technology

– Smarter Design, for Smarter Living

Full Foot Massage

Back rub from tips of your toes as far as possible up to rear area and lower leg, covering the two sides of the foot. Premium Foot Massager flaunts preferable inclusion over standard massagers, with 2 cushions and 2 rollers conveying a more careful, proficient style treatment.

Custom Settings

Focused controls and shading coded LEDs enable you to easily tailor your back rub. Add warmth to the curve of your foot, or up the weight at the bit of a catch – for better unwinding and more joyful feet.

Begin on green and tailor as required:

Green – Low Pressure, Blue – Medium Pressure, Red – High Pressure.

Choose Your Style

Select your own masseuse as indicated by mind-set. Japanese-style Shiatsu emulates hand development, and targets weight focuses. Or on the other hand pick Air Pressure, for included pressure and power.

Superior Design

A strong, prime form conveys long haul, substantial execution. Internal soles can be effectively evacuated and washed to guarantee finish cleanliness for you and your family.


– Only warmth can be flipped on Shiatsu rub. Gaseous tension will come back to past settings when reactivated.

– Massage will consequently stop in the wake of finishing a 15 minute cycle.

– It isn’t prescribed to surpass 30 minutes of back rub every day.

– Designed to give profound tissue knead. In the event that you feel inconvenience, alter position, or loosen up weight.

– If you have delicate feet, work up from the most minimal force and wear socks if vital. Suits feet up to US 10.5 (EU 42.5).

Weight 13.1 kg
Dimensions 18.2 × 15.5 × 10.5 cm







– Pregnant women, or individuals with foot-related problems should consult a professional prior to using. – When power is first connected to the device it will *beep* to signal it is ready to be used. – If experiencing any operational issues, first ensure there is a stable power connection. Secondly, turn the device off and allow it to cool before using again.


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