My Pillow Classic Series Bed Pillow, Standard/Queen Size, Medium (Single Pillow). 

  • Comes in 2 diverse space levels (look at our Premium Bed Pillows for a more custom fit with 4 distinctive space levels).
  • You can alter MyPillow to your correct individual needs paying little heed to rest position.
  • Machine Washable and Dryable.
  • Made with our Patented Interlocking Fill.
What makes MyPillow Products unique? – We utilize our one of a kind Patented Inter-Locking Poly Fill for all our pad items – Every part of our cushions, from the housings, cases, poly fill and assembling of our pad items all are made and made here is the USA. – This takes into consideration the cushion to be changed in accordance with your rest needs yet in addition give you the ideal measure of help to stay unconscious throughout the night – Our Patented Fill is open cell also which enables every one of our pads to remain more cool than most pads accessible – Washable and dryable(washing directions are incorporated with each pad) – We trust such a great amount in our pads that we offer a 60 day Money back Guarantee and a 10 year guarantee! (Toppers incorporate a 5 year guarantee) Why most pads don’t work – Down Pillows or plume cushions : A down pad or quill pad will have a tendency to go level. Does not have the best possible help you require, regularly causing neck torment, and the quills inside will retain warm. Making a great many people wake up ordinarily to flip their cushion to the cool side. Likewise, these are hard to wash as the plumes will more often than not ball together in the wake of washing. – Bamboo Pillows : A bamboo pad, as down pads, will go level. Are for the most part made of reused, modest froth and are altogether made in CHINA. The Bamboo pads sold here in the US are for the most part being sold by outsider dealers. The produce of these cushions are from China and don’t utilize a superb froth. Bamboo pads will come will a ‘concoction’ scent, this is from the producer not out-gassing their froth before stuffing the cushion. This is extremely undesirable to relax. Additionally, any individual who possesses one of these should cut it open and see what’s inside, you’ll be amazed. – Memory Foam Pillows : As for an adaptable foam cushion, the greatest issues are the failure to change the pad because of how they come pre-shaped and the real warmth development. You should adjust to the extent of the pad as opposed to influencing the cushion to adjust to you like MyPillow.
Weight 1.58 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 6 cm



MyPillow Inc




MyPillow Inc










Standard/Queen Classic Pillow


MyPillow Inc




MyPillow Inc


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