• 🍗Smart Meat Thermometer:Comes with 5 shape test and 1 UPGRADED tests empowering you to continue cooking in 6 diverse foods.You see the ideal interior temperature in large,clear LED dispaly of the thermometer and hear the cautions from each test and s when sustenance is ready.
  • 🍗APP Instant Controlled :Using your advanced cell to download the application “Brilliant BBQ Meter”from PlayStore or App Store,You can pick PRESET TEMPERATURES and DONENESS DEGREE for up to 6 distinctive sustenance suggested by USDA or chose physically by your own taste.
  • 🍗Romote Distance Monitor :Bluetooth association can run up to 160ft. Needn’t bother with hold running forward and backward among house and barbecue or opening the broiler door.Prepare dinner’s different parts or visit with visitors while trusting that the alerts will go off on the gadget and your phone.
  • 🍗High Accuracy Reading: Temperature ranges from 33˚F to 572˚F (1˚C to 300˚C),delivering ±1.8˚F/1˚C exactness to guarantee precise .Just embed the slim treated steel tests into the meat or other nourishment and join its wire to the thermometer.
  • 🍗Probe Replacement Guarantee: The most astounding temperature dispaly is just 572°F (300°C),the tests can hold up under most noteworthy temperature in brief time actully is 716°F(380°C),or the tests will be damaged.♥If test is damaged,we ensure that discount your cash or supplant the tests without return them♥Any issues ,contact us!

Morpilot Pro Cooking Thermometer With 5+1 Probes Combo

Just attachment the test into the meat, and pick the sort and the level of doneness in the iPhone & Android Phone App,You will know the constant status of six nourishments in the meantime with your telephone or iPad, even you are 160 feet away! It will caution on both the gadget and your telephone when the nourishment is prepared.

Perfect decision for :

– Chicken

– Ham

– Turkey

– Pork

– Beef-Roast


– Smoker

– Grill

– Food

Permanently Free App

The gadget needs to work with Smart BBQ Meter which is introduced on your iPhone or Android telephone. Temperature Range

grasp tests & Wire – For Normal flame broiling , Rated up to 428癋

Treated Steel grasp tests & Wire – For Extreme flame broiling or surrounding temp checking, Rated up to 716癋

? Don’t uncover test or test wire to open blazes or barbeque.?


?.8癋 (?癈)

Doneness Levels Setting

Uncommon, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well Done for contrastingly prepared sustenance.

Cable Length

47.24″ tempered steel work link

Probe Length

3.93 ” nourishment grade hardened steel test

The Bluetooth Wireless Range from the transmitter unit to your phone

Open air : 50 meter/160 ft

Indoor: 30 meter/100 ft

Remote Range may change contingent upon the environment.


The APP and transmitter unit alerts will be activated upon the temperature is lower or higher than your setting temperature.

What抯 in the package

1* Smart BBQ Combo Meter

5* Probes

1* Stainless Steel Grip Probes with racks

1* A Style Probe Clip

1* User Manual

Morpilot Wireless BBQ Thermometer,Bluetooth Digital Meat Thermometer for Grilling Smart with 6 Stainless Steel Probes APP Remoted Monitor for Cooking Smoker Kitchen Oven. 

Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 5.5 × 1.4 cm

















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