Mobee Technology Magic Charger – Inductive Charger for Apple Magic Mouse (MO2212). 

  • Wireless charging innovation for your Apple Magic Mouse
  • Ultra thin and versatile charger for portable clients or those attempting to keep work area mess to a minimum
  • Wireless charger dispenses with the need to always supplant batteries in you Magic Mouse by changing over it to a battery-powered mouse
  • Base station is USB controlled, no outer power supply required

The Magic Charger from Mobee Technology is the world’s first inductive charger devoted for the Apple Magic Mouse. It’s an enchanted answer for energize your Magic Mouse that takes just 1 moment to setup. Never supplant batteries again with Mobee’s mysterious remote inductive charger- – the smooth and subtle outline gives your mouse a chance to breathe a sigh of relief on a smooth charging station that fittings in to a USB port.

A full charge takes around five hours and afterward endures and goes on for effortless pointing and clicking. Need to movement? No stresses, in light of the fact that a full charge will last around six days. What’s more, if your excursion is longer, the thin gadget is effortlessly compact.

From a tasteful and outline point of view, The Magic Charger will effortlessly have a spot around your work area and will turn into where you leave your Magic Mouse when you leave your office.

Simply put your Magic Mouse on the base station to charge
Wireless Charging Technology

Charging your Magic Mouse will be as basic as setting your mouse over the base station.

A greener approach to control your Magic Mouse
Ultra Slim Design for Mobile Users

The Mobee Magic Charger yields 6 days self-sufficiency after a full revive. On the off chance that you travel for over multi week with your Magic Mouse at that point it’s no issue to convey along the minimal and compact base station- – it’s not as much as a large portion of an inch thick.

A Greener Way to Use your Magic Mouse

Quit destroying batteries, and quit dismantling your Magic Mouse to change your batteries. Give the Magic Charger a chance to oversee everything and help ensure the earth in the meantime by making less waste. The best part is that the Magic Charger is made of recyclable materials.

A Cost Effective Solution for Home, Travel, and Office Use

The Magic Charger is savvy following one year of home utilization and a half year of office use. You don’t need to be an IT Manager to value the esteem. Utilize The Magic Charger for all your iMacs and MacBooks, regardless of whether at home, in a hurry, in workplaces, colleges…

USB Powered

Connect the base station to any USB port with a specific end goal to start the revive. You don’t require an outer power supply.

Simple Installation

Establishment just takes 1 minute. Essentially open the Magic Mouse and evacuate the 2 AA batteries. Introduce the Mobee Battery Pack like you would a typical match of batteries and clasp it. Place the construct station in light of your work area and attachment it through any USB port. At that point put the Magic Mouse over the base station- – it will begin charging naturally. The Magic Mouse does not need to be on keeping in mind the end goal to charge the battery pack.

Replaceable Battery Packs

Mobee Technology Spare Battery Packs for Magic Charger are accessible. Perfect for homes or workplaces with different clients of the Magic Mouse as you can share the base station. Furthermore, dependably have a completely charged pack prepared for when you travel. Like The Magic Charger itself, they’re produced using recyclable materials, making them a green alternative for your customary battery necessities. Take out the need to always supplant batteries in your Magic Mouse by changing over it to a battery-powered mouse.

What’s in the Box

Battery Pack, Charging Base Station, smaller than usual USB link.

NOTE: Why the battery level showed in OSX is just 70 to 80% following a few hours on the Base Station: The Alkaline batteries initially conveyed with the Magic Mouse are 1.5V for every cell, which means 3V for the 2 cells with the utilization of fresh out of the box new batteries. The Magic Charger utilizes NiMH batteries that are 1.2V for every cell. At the point when completely charged that is 2.4V which implies that OSX will read 70 to 80% only.

Technical Specifications

  • Base Station Size: 4.64 in x 2.55 in x 0.35 in (118 mm x 65 mm x 9 mm)
  • Base Station Weight: 1.94 oz/55 g
  • Replacement Battery Weight: 1.30 oz/37 g
  • Autonomy: 6 days
  • Full Charge Time: 6 hours
  • Power Consumption on USB: 270 mA Max.
  • Battery Life: 500 Cycles
  • Cable Length: 43.3 in/110 cm

Mobee Technology Magic Charger – Inductive Charger for Apple Magic Mouse: magic mouse 2 charger,magic mouse 2 charging dock,magic mouse 2 charging cable.

Weight 0.53 kg
Dimensions 6.06 × 5.98 × 1.26 cm



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