MISOL Professional Wireless Weather Station Touch Panel w/ Solar sensor, w/ PC interface. 

  • All the climate information from the base station and climate history information with client flexible estimating interims can be recorded and transferred to your PC
  • Weather caution modes for: a) Temperature b) Humidity c) Wind chill d) Dew point e) Rainfall f) Wind speed g) Air weight h) Storm warning
  • 12 or 24-hour time show, Perpetual schedule, Time zone setting, Time alert, High light LED backlight
  • Four open air sensors: thermo-hydro transmitter, wind speed sensor, wind bearing sensor and rain sensor
  • Transmission recurrence: 433MHz


Transimitter (open air unit) fueled by solar.Specifications:

  • 1) Outdoor temperature extend: – 40 to +65 Cel. Degrees(- 40 to +149 F. Deg)
  • 2) Indoor temperature run: 0 to + 50 Cel. Degrees(32 to +122 F. Degrees)
  • 3) Humidity run: 10% to 99% (1% determination)
  • 4) Rain volume show: 0 – 9999mm (demonstrate OFL if outside range) Resolution : 0.3mm (if rain volume 1000mm)
  • 5) Wind speed: 0~100mph (demonstrate OFL if outside range)
  • 6) Measuring range pneumatic force: 27.13inHg – 31.89inHgResolution : 0.01inHg
  • 7) Alarm length : 120 sec
  • 8) Transmission go up to 100m (330 feet)
  • 9) Power utilization: a) Receiver: 2 x AA 1.5V batteries (excluded in the bundle, because of it is illegal via airship cargo.) b) Sensor: 2 x AA rechargeable 1.5V batteries (excluded in the bundle, because of it is taboo via airship cargo.)
  • 10) Transmission recurrence: 433MHz


  • 1) Touch screen board (contact by stylus)
  • 2). It can transfer the information to the web: www.wunderground.com, at that point you can see the climate data of your climate station all over.
  • 3) Transmitter (open air unit) fueled by sun based.
  • 4) USB port for simple association with your PC
  • 5) Free PC programming for exchange climate information to PC (bolster windows framework
  • 6) Rainfall information (inches or millimeters): 60 minutes, 24-hour,one week,one month and aggregate since last reset.
  • 7) Wind chill and Dew point temperature show (°F or °C)
  • 8) Records min. what’s more, worst case scenario. wind chill and Dew point with time and date stamp
  • 9) Wind speed (mph, m/s, km/h, hitches, Beaufort)
  • 10) Wind course show with LCD compass



















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