Mina Heal Obsidian Crystal Ball 160 mm/6.3″ for Fengshui Ball, Scrying, Meditation, Crystal Healing, Divination Sphere, Home Decoration, 100% Natural and Genuine. 

  • 160mm (6.3 inch) distance across real & common huge obsidian gem ball. Accompanies a wooden stand.
  • Excellent dark precious stone ball for Feng shui, contemplation, scrying, gem mending, divination, Chakra establishing & adjusting, home adornment and numerous other applications.
  • Obsidian is a defensive stone that is accepted to assimilate negative energies, breaks up passionate blockages and mental traumas.
  • Handcrafted from 100% obsidian stone mined in Mexico, without utilizing ANY substance treatment or dyeing.
  • Many colored glass balls available faked as obsidian balls. Purchase from a solid source.

One regular vast obsidian ball, brilliant for Fengshui, reflection, gem recuperating, divination, and home enrichment. Accompanies a wooden stand and a wonderful conveying and capacity purple velvet pocket.

Ball width: around 160 mm (6.3 inch)

Ball weight: about 5kg (around 11 lb)

Material: 100% regular and honest to goodness dark obsidian stone, mined in Mexico

Stand: Comes with a wood remain for showing your wonderful ball

Assembling: hand made and cleaned without utilizing ANY compound treatment or coloring.

What for?

Best for: Fengshui, scrying, reflection, precious stone recuperating, Chakra establishing and adjusting, divination, and home enhancement.

Dark obsidian precious stone ball, attributable to its earth component, is viewed as ground-breaking in feng shui. It helps in making an equalization in the space in which it is put. The vitality contained in an obsidian ball is spotless and unadulterated, in this manner it helps in giving numerous advantages.

About Obsidian Ball and Fengshui

Dark obsidian has the emanation of outright puzzle. Its vitality attracts you delicately, however profoundly, which makes the nearness of dark obsidian amazing from multiple points of view.

Dark obsidian balls were and still are utilized in different societies for profound mending purposes, and for attracting negative vitality, consequently for assurance.

As per Fengshui specialists, setting an obsidian ball at Southeast of your home or office is useful for riches and success, and can help in conveying positive vitality to you.

Putting an obsidian ball Northwest way brings tutor bolster.

Note: 1) Many phony colored glass circles sold as “obsidian circles” available. Purchase from a solid source.

2) Hand-produced using 100% bona fide and normal dark obsidian mined in Mexico, there are slight varieties in size, weight.

Weight 12.47 kg
Dimensions 8.19 × 8.07 × 8.03 cm



Mina Heal


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160 mm (6.3")




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