Magic Grips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2 – [Improves comfort, widens grip, gives you more control]. 

  • A minimal side venture intended to make Magic Mouse more agreeable. Makes enormous sunken surfaces to put your fingers. Enlarges & loosens up your grasp. Gives you better control.
  • For all hand sizes (however particularly extraordinary for medium & vast hands).
  • Ambidextrous. Fit’s Magic Mouse 1 & 2.
  • A reward XL thumb hold is incorporated for an even more extensive grasp, on the off chance that you prefer.
  • Premium silicone elastic development + removable 3M adhesive.

Magic Mouse is a standout amongst the most delightful items Apple has ever made. It’s symmetrical in two ways, insignificant, and the materials are great. Sadly, awesome feel ≠ extraordinary ergonomics. Enchantment Mouse is exceptionally limited, your fingers lay on the sharp best edge, and the sides bend internal. It’s awkward for many individuals.

So as a little side undertaking, we needed to make it better. We made more than 100 models to get a plan we extremely loved (and thanks everybody who helped test them). We discovered hand ergonomics are extremely hard in light of the fact that there are generally changing hand sizes, individuals hold mice in an unexpected way, and what feels great here and now isn’t really agreeable long haul.

Introducing MagicGrips. They give your mouse a vast sunken surface to rest your fingers and a somewhat more extensive grasp that feels incredible. They introduce effortlessly, are made of premium medicinal review silicone elastic, and fit consummately. MagicGrips even look great, complimenting Apple’s modern outline.

More comfortable. The sunken surface along 75% of the sides of the mouse makes it agreeable to hold, you can press your mouse as hard however you see fit it wedging upwards, and the more extensive grasp assuages strain.

Two measure choices included. Mice are not a one size fits all arrangement. We included an additional wide and tall grasp on the off chance that you lean toward it (around 1/3 of our analyzers do) – so you can attempt both and choose which you like.

Precise fit. We had Apple’s mouse 3D laser checked for a correct fit. The sidewalls over the aluminum have a slight balance so they don’t meddle with the snap travel.

Easy to mount. Our 3M glue makes it simple to put on your mouse and swap sizes. It is solid enough to remain on safely, yet simple to peel off. We suggest you attempt them first without expelling the glue film to choose which estimate you like .

Magic Grips for Apple Magic Mouse 1 & 2 – [Improves comfort, widens grip, gives you more control]: magic mouse fixed, magic mouse grips.

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