Lodge Pro-Logic 4 Quart Cast Iron Dutch Oven. Pre-Seasoned Pot with Self-Basting Lid and Easy Grip Handles. 

  • Seasoned with oil for a characteristic, simple discharge complete that enhances with use
  • Unparalleled in warmth maintenance and even heating
  • At home in the broiler, on the stove, on the barbecue or over the campfire
  • Brutally extreme for quite a long time of cooking; Easy consideration: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil
  • Made in USA


Lodge Pro-Logic Dutch Oven

Smooth Distribution, Retention, and Cooking Versatility

Organization’s coming …your Pro-Logic Dutch Oven will cook and serve your family most loved liberally. Cover included.

Perfectly planned cast press cookware that will compliment any kitchen. Ace Logic skillets are planned with slanted sides, and circle handles that make taking care of them simple.

The Lodge Cast Iron Dutch Oven is a multi-useful cookware that works ponders with moderate cooking formulas. It accompanies a tight-fitting top that helps secure sustenance and flavor. This pre-prepared Dutch Oven brings about the ideal result ideal out of the container. Made of cast press, this Dutch Oven uniformly disseminates warm from the base through the sidewalls. Likewise, it holds warm better so your tasty supper stays warm for quite a while. Brandishing a smart dark shading, the cast press Dutch Oven looks great in many kitchens and it bends over as an amazing wellspring of wholesome iron. It highlights circle handles for advantageous taking care of and the broiler is anything but difficult to clean and keep up.

A straightforward Cast-Iron Dutch Oven, similar to the one your grandma utilized, still positions as extraordinary compared to other cooking utensils made. It gives you an about non-stick surface, without the conceivable destructive exhaust created by preheating artificially treated nonstick cookware.

A large number of the bits of cast press cookware made in the Lodge Foundry over a century back stay being used today.


  • Made of cast iron
  • Pre-prepared and prepared to use
  • Multi-useful cookware
  • Virtual Non-stick surface
  • Works with enlistment stove tops
  • Brutally intense for a considerable length of time of cooking
  • Easy to clean: hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil.
Even, Gentle Heating

Detailed Highlights:

Multi-Functional Cookware

The correct device for singing, sauteing, stewing, braising, preparing, broiling, and browning.

Made of Cast-Iron

Cast-Iron is a type of cookware created over a centuries prior stays as mainstream today as when it was utilized to get ready suppers many years back. Cast Iron is one of just two metals perfect with enlistment stovetops. Unparalleled in warmth maintenance and notwithstanding warming.

Can Be Used With A Variety of Heat Sources

At home in the broiler, on the stove, on the barbecue or over the open air fire. Skillet might be utilized on different warmth sources including gas, electric, enlistment and clay glass top stoves and broilers. When utilizing on glass stove tops, be mindful so as not to slide the cookware around as it’s conceivable to touch the most superficial layer. Prepared cast iron can likewise be utilized on the flame broil or open air fire and coals for camp cooking. Start warming cookware on low and gradually convey warm up to medium or medium/high. Continuously expel cookware from the stovetop in the wake of cooking.


Prepared for a characteristic, simple discharge complete that enhances with utilize.

Flavoring is an important advance in utilizing cast press cookware. Oil is heated into the pores of the iron at the foundry to forestall rusting and to in the end give a characteristic, non-stick cooking surface. In contrast to artificially covered cookware, it is conceivable to reestablish the cooking surface of cast press.

Hotel utilizes an exclusive soy-based vegetable oil to season our cookware. The oil contains no creature fat or nut oil. The flavoring is practical application and slight irregularities may show up in the flavoring wrap up. The irregularities won’t influence cooking execution.

Easy to Care for

Hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil. It is critical to recharge the flavoring of your cast press cookware by applying a thin layer of oil after each cleaning. Flavoring is an on-going procedure. The more you utilize cast press, the flavoring is moved forward.

Using Your Lodge Cast Iron

Flush with high temp water (don’t utilize cleanser), and dry altogether.

Prior to cooking, apply vegetable oil to the cooking surface of your skillet and pre-warm the dish gradually (dependably begin on low warmth, expanding the temperature gradually).

When the utensil is legitimately pre-warmed, you are prepared to cook.

TIP: Avoid cooking extremely chilly nourishment in the container, as this can advance staying.

It would be ideal if you REMEMBER: Handles will turn out to be extremely hot in the broiler, and on the stovetop. Continuously utilize a broiler glove to keep consumes while expelling skillet from broiler or stovetop.

Care and Cleaning of your Lodge Cast Iron

In the wake of cooking, clean utensil with a firm nylon brush and high temp water. Utilizing cleanser isn’t suggested, and cruel cleansers ought to never be utilized. (Abstain from putting a hot utensil into chilly water. Warm stun can happen making the metal twist or split).

On the off chance that you are experiencing difficulty expelling stuck-on nourishment, heat up some water in your search for gold couple of minutes to release buildup, making it simpler to evacuate.

Towel dry quickly and apply a light covering of oil to the utensil while it is still warm.

TIP: Do not give your cast press air a chance to dry, as this can advance rust.

Store in a cool, dry place. On the off chance that you have a cover, or top, for your utensil, put a collapsed paper towel in the middle of top and utensil enabling air to course. This keeps dampness from gathering inside the utensil, which can cause rust.

TIP: The broiler is an incredible place to store your cast press; simply make sure to expel it before turning on the stove.

NEVER wash in dishwasher.

On the off chance that for reasons unknown your utensil builds up a metallic smell or taste, or maybe rust spots (possibly a benevolent relative washed your utensil in the dishwasher or with cleanser supposing they were being useful), never fear. Basically scour off the rust utilizing a fine review of sandpaper or steel fleece and allude to our area on re-flavoring.

Re-Seasoning your Lodge Cast Iron

While keeping up the flavoring should keep your Cast Iron in great condition, sooner or later you may need to rehash the flavoring procedure. On the off chance that sustenance adheres to the surface, or you see a dull, dark shading, rehash the flavoring procedure:

Wash the cookware with hot, sudsy water and a firm brush. (It is alright to utilize cleanser this time since you are getting ready to re-season the cookware).

Wash and dry totally. Apply a thin, notwithstanding covering of MELTED strong vegetable shortening (or cooking oil of your decision) to the cookware (all around).

Place aluminum thwart on the base rack of the stove to get any trickling.

Set broiler temperature to 350 – 400 degrees F.

Place cookware topsy turvy on the best rack of the broiler.

Heat the cookware for no less than 60 minutes. After the hour, kill the stove and let the cookware cool in the broiler.

Store the cookware revealed, in a dry place when cooled.

Why should I pick Lodge cookware over other brands?

For more than 112 years, Lodge has given quality solid metal cookware and extras, with a wide and creative variety. Our proceeded with promise to quality empowers Lodge to offer a predominant product offering.

How is the distance across estimation of Lodge Cookware determined?

We measure from outside edge to outside edge over the highest point of the cookware, not the base.

What type utensils are prescribed to be utilized with Lodge products?

We prescribe utilizing wood or silicone utensils to abstain from scratching.

Why should cleanser or cleanser not be utilized to clean cast iron cookware?

Cleanser and cleanser are utilized to separate and evacuate oils. Since the flavoring of your cast press comprises of oil, cleaning with cleanser will strip or expel the flavoring from cookware.

Are there any kinds of nourishment that are not prescribed to be cooked in cast press cookware?

Nourishments which are extremely acidic (i.e. beans, tomatoes, citrus juices, and so on.) ought not be cooked in a cast press utensil until the point that the cookware is exceptionally prepared. The high causticity of these sustenances will strip the flavoring and result in staining and metallic tasting nourishment. Hold up until the point that cast press is better prepared to cook these sorts of sustenances.

Lodge is a Green Foundry:

Hotel is a zero perilous waste stream foundry. Cabin planned a vegetable oil recycler for the flavoring procedure to decrease squander and unusable oil is reused and utilized as biodiesel generator. Cabin utilizes reused and biodegradable pressing materials. Reuse of foundry sand utilized in the throwing procedure is reused and unusable sand, attempting to sanitize the water of the nearby streams and planting trees to enhance air quality and beautification.

Lodge History:

Cabin is the most seasoned family-claimed cookware foundry in America. Since 1896, the Lodge family has been throwing premium iron cookware at their Tennessee foundry. Beginning with crude materials and completing with their flavoring procedure, they keep on enhancing the most astounding quality measures that go into each piece we make. As the sole American maker of cast press cookware, they are glad to carry on the inheritance begun by organizer Joseph Lodge. Cabin doesn’t simply make cast press; they make legacies that unite individuals for ages.

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Dimensions 12.05 × 11.02 × 5.98 cm



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