Lightload Compact Reusable 12×12″ Towels weighs .2 oz. (2 Pack). 

  • Much More Absorbent than Microfiber or Cotton, Dries Quicker and Easier to Handle When Wet
  • Soft Against the Skin, Hypoallergenic, Quick Drying, Antibacterial, Reusable
  • Survival Uses: Fire starter, Heat and Cold Insulation, Mask, Diaper, First Aid Supplement
  • Waterproof Packaging Covers Each Piece so Always Have a Clean Dry Coth!
  • Only .2oz. what’s more, the Size of a Coin – Perfect for all Outdoor Activities
Are you voyaging some place where space is a premium and you would prefer not to take up the entirety of your gear live with huge soft towels? Maybe you are going outdoors and you would prefer not to sit tight hours for your towels to dry, or more terrible still, you abhor the smell that starts to develop following several days crushing them once more into your knapsack? LightLoad Towels are the appropriate response! Just envision popping 10 little towels into your pocket alongside your keys and at whatever point you require one, you basically dunk it into a little water, watch it extend and after that unpeel it to uncover a convenient estimated ultra-retentive, hostile to bacterial towel of richness! On the off chance that you like your towels to perform various tasks you have gone to the perfect place. The Light Load Towels are multi-practical, yes you can utilize them as a movement towel, a sun shield, a head and shoulder cooler, encasing, an emergency treatment supplement and the sky is the limit from there. Weighing in at just .2 oz. each the heaviness of 100 plumes, you could be pardoned for overlooking that you have them. The Ideal ultra-lightweight towels, are additionally awesome for outdoors, cyclists who can slip them into their shirt back pockets, for individuals heading off to the exercise center before work or separation sprinters wiping the perspiration away. Wherever weight is a worry Lightload Towels are the appropriate response. Each towel is flawlessly compacted inside our waterproof bundling meaning you will dependably have a spotless dry delicate towel for good cleanliness, individual consideration and emergency treatment. Viably, in the event that you require a lightweight, smaller, space-sparing, and conceivably lifesaving multitool, at that point I challenge you to discover superior to anything the Lightload Towels. We’re climbers, bikers and voyagers ourselves. All Lightload Towels are intended for our undertakings and yours. We have faith in better outside items since helping all of you get out there and investigate appropriately is our goal.
Lightload Compact Reusable 12×12″ Towels weighs .2 oz. (2 Pack):ultralight pack towel from zpacks, lightload beach towel, light load.
Weight 0.04 kg
Dimensions 4 × 3.9 × 0.3 cm



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Lightload Towels




Lightload Towels




Lightload Towels




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