Larcolais Ceramic Knife Set 3 4 5 6 inch Kitchen Knives with Peeler Chef Paring Fruit Vegetable Utility Cooking Knife Black Handle and Blade. 

  • It is ideal for cutting vegetables, natural products, meat, angle etc.
  • Ceramic Knives are present day development intended to enhance your culinary experinces.
  • Ceramic blades don’t leave hehind any metallic taste of notice, keeping up every nourishment’s taste.
  • With legitimate care, these artistic kitchen blades will hold its sharpness for truly years without resharpening.
  • The earthenware cut is a natural, inviting, synthetically stable item, which is without rust and non-corrosive.

Artistic blades are a generally new creation and constantly costly. Fundamentally, they’re made out of a high-immaculateness zirconium oxide powder that is packed at high weights and warmed in a heater at temperatures more than 2700°F. This outcomes in a to a great degree hard cutting edge, about as hard as precious stones.

SHARPNESS – The materials that make up a fired sharp edge is hard. It’s the second hardest material, positioned after precious stones. After it’s honed, it can keep its dangerously sharp edge and won’t destroy.

NO METALLIC TASTE OR SMELL – Ceramic material isn’t extremely permeable by any stretch of the imagination. This shields the sharp edge from exchanging smells starting with one sustenance thing then onto the next. You can cut something fiery, give it a brisk flush and after that cut something unique. The fieriness won’t exchange to the following sustenance thing.

SANITARY – The thickness of Ceramic cutting edges is high, and the sharp edges have almost no pores. Much the same as your face, the less pores there are, the less soil and grime can get into the pores. A speedy wash in warm water can give your earthenware cut much clean than an exhaustive scouring on a metal blade.

LIGHTWEIGHT – Ceramic material is light weight. The lighter the weight is, the less strain on your arms and shoulders. You can tear through all you’re cutting like a genius.

RUSTLESS -There is no metal, so there is never rust.

Packaging Including: 

  • 1pc  x  6 inch Ceramic Chef Knife with Scabbard
  • 1pc  x  5 inch Ceramic Utility Knife with Scabbard
  • 1pc  x  4 inch Ceramic Fruit Knife  with Scabbard
  • 1pc  x  3 inch Ceramic Paring Knife with Scabbard
  • 1pc  x  Peeler
Weight 0.88 kg
Dimensions 11.81 × 3.94 × 3.94 cm



Black Handle and Black Blade




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