LapWorks Armbot Bed and Desk Mount with exclusive free turning base & Quick Attach Tablet holder for iPads & Tablets For Easy and Relaxed Viewing in any Position. 

  • Fits 10.5 iPad Pro and littler tablets – Combine with Gripzilla Pro to hold 12.9 iPad Pro or Surface Pro and Surface Book
  • Exclusive free turning work area mount! Selective Quick Load Holding section! – Grips any iPad and most tablets 7 to 11 inch, even the Surface Pro 3 in scene mode! The Spring-Bracket significantly enhances convenience and solidness. Snare one corner, draw to slip the other corner in and your done! Holds solid!
  • Swivel work area mount base uninhibitedly with no handle change required! Three segmented measured arm can be utilized with one, two or every one of the three arm segments. 37.4″ long at full augmentations with every one of the three arm sections.
  • Includes 3 mounting sections – one for work area, end tables, racks, counters, one for divider mounting and one for vehicle mounting
  • Beware imitators. Check the spring section for the LapWorks logo. LapWorks Armbot has a free turning Swiveling Base and other selective highlights and frill the others are lacking.

Beware imitators. LapWorks Armbot has a one of a kind free turning Swivel Base & other selective highlights others need. Note settled bases accessible on demand.

When you are done with the Armbot simply push it away. It’s as simple as that! What’s more, now it’s far and away superior with 2 tablet holding sections! It’s the main explained arm that gives you the alternative of appending it to your work area, divider or vehicle.

The Armbot utilizes substantial teeth at each joint with thumbscrew change, so it is solid enough for any tablet. Other than a swivel base, 2 holders and 3 mounts, the Armbot is a secluded plan where you can abbreviate it to one arm segment, two arm segments or utilize each of the three arm segments for the most adaptable presenting alternatives.

The Armbot is made of three separate lengths of 5/8″ breadth brushed Aluminum tubing that join to make an astonishing number of presenting and raising survey positions.At full extension,it connects over 37.4″ from it’s mounting section.

The work area mounting C-cinch section is made of Zinc composite and can be joined to the edge of any work area, table best, headboard, end table, kitchen counter, end table or end table. The C-cinch can open as wide as 2-3/8″.

The divider mounting section is made of Zinc composite appends to a divider with 4 sinks that are incorporated each case. Use close to your bed or most loved relaxing territory for whenever seeing in complete solace. The vehicle mount is Zinc combination. Note that a substantial tablet at full expansion may vibrate when composing. Abbreviate to decrease this impact.

The Armbot accompanies 2 exceptionally secure tablet holding sections that swivel 360 degrees:

1 – A vertical 4-hold section that extends from 4.1 to 7.8 inches. The four grasps have delicate elastic cushions that ensure your gadget and they grow up to .875″ (7/8″) so they can hold tablets in thin cases also.

2 – An askew corner grasping section which holds up to 0.5 inch thick with non-slip elastic corners. It grows from 7.8 to 12.8 inches diagonally.

Weight 3.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 9.4 × 3.7 cm





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