SUNYIK Angel Aura Quartz/Labradorite Self Standing 6 Facet Single Point Figurine Sphere Pack of 2.

  • Size: Angel Aura Quartz is approx 1.2″- 2.5″;Labradorite is approx 1.6″- 2.8″;Material: Natural Crystal; Weight:40-100 Grams;Quantity:Pack of 2.A drawstring burlap pocket will come as gift.
  • Since the stones are natural,the sizes and shades of them are distinctive with each other, we will send what we have by random.
  • They are generally use for healing,manifestation,chakra balancing,energy magnification,energy charged,protection,fengshui,paperweight,home decoration,pocket decor,bookend,amulet,etc. The photographs were taken under the state of brightening lighting,so they will look a little brighter.
  • Angel Aura Quartz conveys an exceptionally cherishing and sweet vitality that animates the soul and raises one’s state of mind. Reflecting with this precious stone enables one to enter a condition of quietness and peace, cleaning and rest and to get assistance from one’s heavenly attendant guides
  • Labradorite is a gemstone exceptionally cherished for its otherworldly and spiritualist properties. Labradorite is accepted to be associated with positive change, improving inward quality and expelling negative energy.

A single precious stone point is regularly utilized as a part of recuperating. Pointed away, it draws vitality off the body. Pointed internal, it channels vitality internal.

Dark Obsidian as a stone can enable you to interface with your ‘inward warrior’. Obsidian is really normal glass that is framed when old liquid magma streams are submerged in water making unfathomable vitality in this stone. It is accepted to attract lopsided characteristics to the surface and discharges them.

Fluorite is particularly useful for adjusting your psyche and sorting out your contemplations, this Rainbow Fluorite Stone is ideal for keeping the air clear,bring to you the magnificence of rocks, minerals and gemstones , which are normally hard to acknowledge in their regular state.

Rose Quartz is the quintessential stone of affection and for the Heart Chakra. While the pink shading may radiate a delicate and relieving vitality, it is an inconceivably capable stone. It fortifies and opens the Heart Chakra, clears the enthusiastic body, spreads sympathy and revitalizes the auric field.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 4.61 × 2.28 × 0.71 cm

#1-angel Aura Quartz(1.2"-2.5")+labradorite(1.6"-2.8")














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