Killers: A Novel.

For enthusiasts of genuine wrongdoing, murder, and secret, KILLERS is an investigate the psyche of a youthful serial executioner with a heart, in this first portion of a working set of three.

All Jon at any point needed was to be typical, yet the horrible murder of his folks when he was only a tyke left something awful blending within him. Jon was an executioner, a reality he’d since a long time ago acknowledged as he now lived in the city, searching for a place he had a place in this world.

On a night that appears like destiny, while on a prepare traveling west, an outsider mediates as Jon is very nearly his latest wrongdoing. His name is Professor James Conrad, and he requests that Jon come live with him and a gathering of youthful serial executioners he has encouraged. Together, they look for a reason in their dangerous ways.

It isn’t long after that another savage serial executioner starts to threaten Seattle, leaving enigmatic messages planned for the Professor and tossing a torque into all they’re endeavoring to achieve. As Jon battles with his need to kill, his inquiries regarding what Conrad’s actual thought processes are, and even his first love, time is by all accounts running out for the gathering to discover the appropriate responses they’re scanning for.

Where will they go? What is their motivation? What’s more, with the executioner shutting in, who will survive the night?

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C Benjamin Doyle




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