Kenley Fabric Raised Garden Bed – 135-Gallon Smart Planting Container Grow Bag Planter Pot for Plants, Flowers & Vegetables – with Plant Tags Set

  • CREATE A GARDEN ANYWHERE: Too numerous stones? Poor soil? Cleared yard? The Kenley texture cultivate bed gives you a chance to plant wherever you like. Basically put the bed where you require it and load with crisp new earth. Plant your veggies, plate of mixed greens leaves or blooms and you’ll soon have a lovely garden.
  • CHOOSE YOUR GARDEN SIZE: Want to develop your own particular deliver, yet don’t have much time? Or then again perhaps you have children who need to attempt their hand? By putting different Kenley plant grower in your yard, you can make a garden of any size, from a couple of tomato plants to a urban farmstead. This rectangular bed has eight 17-gallon compartments (130 gallons total).
  • PUT YOUR GARDEN AWAY WHEN IT’S DONE: No need discharge cultivate pots and compartments jumbling up your yard in winter. At the point when the developing season is finished, essentially discharge the earth out of the texture sack and stash it. Kenley texture plant beds pack down for capacity and can be reused year after year.
  • MAKE GARDENING EASIER: Kenley texture cultivate beds are adequately raised beds, with plants roots becoming over the normal ground level. This makes tending your garden considerably simpler as you can weed, prune, water and collect your harvest with less stooping and twisting. It’s optimal for anybody with back or joint problems.
  • PLANTS GROW BETTER: The remarkable plan of the Kenley texture cultivate beds implies that they permit air into the dirt more successfully than tubs or customary raised beds. The texture additionally diminishes the quantity of animals and critters that can get into your plants. With these favorable circumstances, plants become taller and faster.

Plant a garden anywhere

The Kenley texture cultivate bed gives you a chance to develop blossoms, herbs or veggies, for example, cucumbers, tomatoes or squash in any bright spot. Pick a side of your deck, a rough zone in your yard or a real estate parcel that has been cleared over, and in minutes you can have a raised bed prepared to plant. The Kenley plant bed is produced using an intense, non-poisonous texture ordinarily utilized by specialists. Not at all like some plant pots, it doesn’t filter unsafe chemicals, and helps keep critters and bugs under control. The texture takes into account the waste of abundance water and circulates air through the dirt, helping your plants develop.

Grow your own produce

Beginning your own garden is simple with the Kenley texture plant bed. Just unfurl the bed, put it where you need it, and load with 6-8 packs of crisp soil. The rectangular bed has eight compartments, every compartment will house 17 gallons of soil (135 gallons add up to). It’s anything but difficult to isolate diverse kinds of plants, or harvests planted at various circumstances. Ensure you take after the dispersing guidelines on your seed parcels or transplant holders, yet to give you a harsh thought regarding the size, you can plant around 1 tomato or 6 basil plants in every compartment.

How to clean and store

We prescribe to utilize a blend of garden soil, not fertilized soil and fill the bed completely so the sides don’t collapse. At the point when the season is finished, the bed can be discharged, put away and reused. It is machine launderable at low temperatures with least tumult and a low turn. Try not to tumble dry, let the pack to dry totally and overlay for capacity. Albeit most plants will be normally air pruned by the texture, plants with forceful root frameworks may root through the fabric.


Weight 3.55 kg
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135 Gallons








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