Kavallerie Fleece-Lined Leather Dressage Boots – Breathable, Lightweight, Impact Absorbing, Sports Boots for Training, Jumping, Riding, Eventing – Maximum Support and Protection-L-Black. 

  • ✅ TOUGH OUTER LEATHER SHELL. Kavallerie’s Brushing Boots is produced using an excellent cowhide material with downy coating. The firm calfskin offers tough assurance for the stallion’s legs. It has a strike cushion that is affect safe and formed to give insurance to the fetlock amid brushing while at the same time giving some help amid works out. Downy covering is delicate and comfortable for the stallion; abstaining from nipping on the steed’s legs and offering solace while being protected.
  • ✅ FLEECE LINING MATERIAL COMFORT. Within the boots is fixed with top-review downy that influences it to look alluring and satisfying. It likewise greatly affects the stallion’s execution. The delicate hide forestalls rubbing within legs, underpins bring down appendages, levels out weight and secures against thumps. It adjusts more on the steed’s legs, giving a pleasant warm agreeable feel on the steed. It is likewise spongy ensuring your stallion avoid getting sweat-soaked and dampy.
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE. The downy lined brushing boots is produced using lightweight and best grade materials guaranteeing most extreme solace to your stallion. It pads the stallion’s legs from power and blows; keeping away from scratches, wounds, and cracks caused by overwhelming exercises while enabling wind current to the steed’s legs. It is lightweight to abstain from troubling the stallion; made with cowhide and wool that includes solace and security altogether.
  • ✅ EASY TO WEAR AND PREVENTS SLIPPAGE. The Triple Velcro Secure Lock lashes give most extreme security and offer the ideal cozy fit to your stallion; a solid and decent grasp that ensures the boots doesn’t move around and remain set up. It likewise keeps the boots from opening up amid development. It’s anything but difficult to get on and off with versatile and adaptable properties of the triple licking velcro straps.
  • ✅ DURABLE AND CONVENIENT Kavallerie brushing boots fit your steed unequivocally, maintaining a strategic distance from water and soil develop that can be awkward for the steed. It doesn’t move amid sudden developments because of the triple-bolt velcro that holds its place in place. The materials likewise don’t take care of while getting wet guaranteeing solace and total help to your steed. Completely your accomplice in your day by day riding activities.


With Kavallerie’s Fleece Lined Dressage Sports Boots, you are ensured a brilliant insurance and genuine solace for your equine amigo. The versatile velcro material gives your stallion a safe and custom fit. It is likewise super simple to clean; you can either simply hose them down or toss them in the washer in low warmth and dry them. They come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large and they fit consistent with measure. These boots make you and your stallion’ life less demanding with the tie application framework that is anything but difficult to put on and off.


Our objective is your bliss and your stallions’ security. In the event that in any capacity you feel unsatisfied with our boots, please get in touch with us! We’d love to offer help of any sort to guarantee you have an awesome involvement with your Kavallerie Dressage Sports Boots!

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