J.K. Adams Ash Wood 12-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural.

  • Wine bottle rack; estimation differs by decision of configuration
  • Hardwood with normal complete; 12-bottle capacity
  • Handcrafted and completed in Vermont, U.S.A.
  • Hand wash with warm lathery water and dry promptly
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty

J.K. Adams: A second Generation, Family-Owned Company

Kitchen stockpiling arrangements by J.K. Adams make it simple to save money on significant kitchen space while getting a charge out of the best of USA-made craftsmanship. The family-possessed organization gives everything from pot snares and zest jugs to wooden flavor merry go rounds, kitchen-cut squares, bread boxes, wine racks, pot racks, and the sky is the limit from there. J.K. Adams’ wooden kitchen things highlight inexhaustible and supportable wood in Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Ash, or Hickory assortments. A mindful decision for blessing giving, the top notch kitchen things give smooth plans and helpful usefulness for quite a long time of ordinary comfort.

Innovative Kitchen-Storage Solutions

In the late-1970’s, the point at which the gourmet-culinary expert instruments showcase in the U.S. was still in its outset, J.K. Adams proprietor Malcolm Cooper, Sr. thought about the main inclined blade square. His objective was to make a cutlery coordinator that would hold blades at a sufficiently low point that they could be effectively expelled from the square when it was pushed back under a bureau overhang. The J.K. Adams Kangaroo cut square was propelled in 1980- – the primary at any point inclined blade piece, and still the best.

Perceiving the numerous chances to enhance kitchen stockpiling, J.K. Adams presented the spinning “merry go round” flavor rack in 1982 took after by innumerable other all around outlined capacity items in the years since, incorporating the well known in-cabinet cut plate in 1994, a space-sparing contrasting option to the blade obstruct that offers a similar security and sharp edge assurance.

In 2011, J.K. Adams takes cutlery stockpiling to another level indeed with the new Universal blade piece. For more than 30 years, J.K. Adams has kept on driving and rouse the kitchen stockpiling market with their creative outlines, predominant hardwoods, and excellent craftsmanship.

Today, J.K. Adams keeps on giving imaginative plans, prevalent hardwoods, and fantastic craftsmanship.

J.K. Adams: Over 65 Years of New England Yankee Craftsmanship

A portion of the world’s finest carpenters can be found in New England. The rich legacy and old stories of the colossal Yankee Woodworker is also referred to today as it was several years prior, and the specialty has been passed on through the ages. J.K. Adams’ prosperity is absolutely owing to the early Vermonters utilized by the organization while in its earliest stages who delivered the methods and quality craftsmanship that could just originate from ages of shared learning and experience.

The J.K. Adams manufacturing plant has been at a similar area since the start. Upwards of three ages of families have depended on J.K. Adams to accommodate their families. Situated in a provincial territory of Vermont, J.K. Adams stays one of the biggest managers in the territory and is an imperative mainstay of help for the nearby group.

J.K. Adams has constantly utilized the imagination and expertise of their workforce in growing new items, and today J.K. Adams proceeds with its New England craftsmanship with a wide assortment of cutting sheets, and also wooden plate of mixed greens bowls, kitchen islands, and slate serving plate. Furthermore, at the J.K. Adams production line, you’ll discover future ages of carpenters expanding upon the customs started more than 65 years back.

Cutting sheets and different items by J.K Adams are made in the North America.

About J.K. Adams’ Logo

In pioneer New England, three strokes of an expansive hatchet were utilized to check the finest trees in the backwoods for the Queens’ Navy shipmasts. The expansive bolt was embraced as our logo since it symbolizes the outstanding nature of wood that goes into our items.

J.K. Adams’ Company History

  • Started more than 65 years prior in a little carport in Dorset, Vermont
  • Cooper family acquired business from organizer Josiah K. Adams in 1949
  • Began with the Speedy Racer toy, and after that took after by assembling drafting and looking over tables, Kiwi shoe groomers, endowments, and furniture
  • Now the main provider of wooden stockpiling and sustenance arrangement items for the claim to fame housewares industry

Our Wood

  • Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Alder, Ash, and Hickory
  • Either from New England or other North American sources
  • Renewable and sustainable
  • Hard and solid, yet lenient to cut edges

Wood Grains

End Grain
  • Prized for look and longest wear
  • Identifiable by little pieces put together
  • Board typically thick and heavy
  • Many pieces, loads of paste joints, breaking can be a problem
Edge Grain
  • Most regular in cutting boards
  • Moderate grain pattern
  • Stable with least paste joints

Why Choose a Wood Cutting Board?

Wood is normally hostile to bacterial, and any microscopic organisms left on the load up will really reduce in time as opposed to duplicating on a plastic cutting load up. A wooden board will likewise be more delicate on your blade’s edge, and it just feels and sounds better under a blade.

Caring for Your J.K. Adams Cutting Board

Wash by turn in warm foamy water and dry completely, and oil as often as possible with mineral oil to help give it an ideal appearance. Try not to douse, microwave, stop, or put in the dishwasher. For evacuating stains, you can utilize a feeble blanch and-water arrangement or a mix of lemon squeeze and salt. Make sure to flush and wipe with mineral oil a while later. Also, the surface can be sanded to influence the board to look like new- – in spite of the fact that a board with wear will add character to your kitchen. For capacity, keep the board far from solid daylight as maintaining a strategic distance from UV beams will lessen the danger of blurring.

Environmental Responsibilities

  • We just buy amble from a chosen few providers our identity sure practice economical ranger service practices
  • Vermont woodlands are becoming speedier than they are being harvested
  • J.K. Adams has been granted the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence


Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 13.5 × 11.5 × 3.1 cm



J.K. Adams






J.K. Adams Company
















J.K. Adams Company




5 year warranty again manufacturer's defects.


J.K. Adams Company


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