iROLLER: Reusable Liquid Free Touchscreen Cleaner for Smartphones and Tablets – Immediately Sanitizes – Easy to Use and Incredibly Effective on Any Touch Screen (Original). 

  • WITH A FEW QUICK ROLLS INSTANTLY REMOVES fingerprints, smircesh, and smears from contact screens on your telephone or tablet superior to any microfiber fabric can!
  • OFFERS A SANITIZING CLEANSE rapidly expelling microorganisms and purifies your iPhone, iPad, mobile phone, macintosh, tablet, or PC touchscreen.
  • PORTABLE AND CONVENIENT estimating just 3.5 creeps for the Original and 3 crawls for the Mini, you can stick it in a handbag or stash and effectively complete a brisk touch-up while on the go.
  • STOP WASTING MONEY on expendable wipes, microfiber materials, and showers, essentially at times flush the iRoller submerged and you will have innumerable utilizations, sparing you time and money!
  • COMPLETELY LIQUID-FREE as opposed to numerous fluid splashes which can without much of a stretch harm your gadgets! The iRoller highlights propelled materials and is totally sheltered to use on anything!
Hate how rapidly fingerprints gather on your touchscreen Tired of squandering such a great amount of cash on dispensable wipes that you can just utilize once? Worried that fluid cleaners will harm your advanced mobile phone speakers and camera with overabundance dampness? The iRoller highlights the most recent fluid free innovation for contact screen cleaning and film negative cleaning and might be utilized innumerable occasions, sparing you time and cash! Quit agonizing over fluid cleaners harming your expensive cell phone. We are eager to introduce our protected iRoller which is to a great degree viable and amazingly simple to utilize. Simply apply a touch of weight as you move it over your phone, tablet, iPhone, macintosh or workstation screen to keep it looking splendid and new. What’s more, will you see fingerprints vanish quickly as well as cleans by evacuating microorganisms on your touchscreen too After innumerable uses, you taxi revive the Roller by basically washing it with fluid cleanser and warm water. Enable it to air dry and its viability will be reestablished. It quantifies just 3 ½ crawls long so you can undoubtedly stick it in your pocket or satchel while in a hurry and have it prepared for a simple touchscreen tidy up at whatever point you require it. Quit squandering cash on dispensable wipes, put resources into the iRoller today and realize that it will quickly pay for itself after just a couple of employments. You’ll be so happy you did!
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