The Failure Next Door: How to Be Successful at Wasting Your Life (And How to Change)

Ben Preston is a shrewd man. In any case, he says, he didn’t carry on with a savvy life. This is his story. In his own words, he concedes his oversights, and after that motivates us with astuteness he has picked up. Past the point of no return for him? Perhaps. Be that as it may, not for you!


The vast majority of us take after the law, don’t intentionally hurt others, and attempt to carry on with a beneficial life. Ben Preston did as well, yet at relatively every turn, he utilized terrible judgment. Presently seventy, Ben conveys a weight that nobody can lift: the weight of misused gifts and lost open doors. He was not a criminal; only a disappointment.


In this unordinary little book, Ben shares his story with the goal that it may help other people who are living “at the time,” yet overlooking their future. It’s a noteworthy picture of a man who thought he was succeeding, yet was most certainly not. Having had little direction, no reasonable all consuming purpose, and now not a lot to appear for his years on earth, he offers this honest examination of where he turned out badly and how he ought to have lived in an unexpected way. It’s brimming with genuine living.


Ben’s written work is engaging, simple to peruse, and not “long winded.” His short life account will give direction, consolation and sage exhortation.


Not a “How To” book; it’s an immaculate “How Not To” book.


Read it to your young people and for yourself. Give it as a blessing to somebody youthful. Instruct them to trust it. Appreciate it. Follow up on it.



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