Hot Air Stirling Engine Model Electric Generator Motor Academic Physics Experiment Steam Energy Toy Design Items

Supplies:brushed aluminum alloy+chrome steel+thickened glass
Flywheel Diameter:60mm
Transmission Wheel Diameter:25mm
Energy Cylinder Bore:12.5mm
Piston Stroke:13mm
Producing Voltage:3-5v
Appropriate Age:8 years previous and above
Experiment Sort:bodily

-That is an exterior combustion engine wherein the gas is burned repeatedly, and the piston is moved by the growth of air (or helium or hydrogen) as a medium, and the growth fuel is cooled within the chilly chamber, and the cycle is repeated. Solely a small alcohol lamp, you can also make it quick rotation and powerful energy.
-Because the exterior combustion engine to keep away from the standard inside combustion engine of the explosion to do work, as a way to obtain a excessive effectivity, low noise, low air pollution and low working prices.
-The most important benefit of the exterior combustion engine output and effectivity from the affect of altitude, very appropriate for prime altitude areas.

-The engine mannequin on the horizontal place by hand toggle the flywheel to see if easy, if there’s a sturdy sense of uncooked astringent, test the connection rod is regular, whether or not the cylinder oil and dirt, and if that’s the case, please use bathroom paper to erase Not easy. Toggle the flywheel really feel strain rebound throughout the cylinder physique is a standard phenomenon, the cylinder is sealed.
-The packing bag of alcohol lamp cotton put on into the metallic cap lamp.
-Please go to the pharmacy to purchase 95% purity alcohol, anhydrous industrial alcohol higher. Fill the alcohol lamp to lower than two-thirds.
-Alcohol lamp to the alcohol lamp, on the premise of making certain security, ignite the alcohol lamp about 2 minutes after the flywheel, till the flywheel automated operation thus far, the entire means of heating, palms might not contact.
-Led lights will be immediately into the generator output interface, if not inserted, the trade will be constructive and adverse, led a protracted foot for the cathode.
Secure Finish Process
-After use, enable the engine to chill naturally.
-After the engine cools naturally, hold the engine out of the attain of babies.
-Kids in adults below the care of using the engine, in order to not burn or break by chance damaged bar damage.

-Don’t contact the baked check tube and the metallic related to it, in order to not burn.
-Very long time mild alcohol lamp, alcohol lamp can’t simply contact, in order to not burn.
-Appropriate for greater than 8 years of age, 8 years of age have to function below the guardianship of fogeys.
-When heating, don’t contact the tube of alcohol lamp tube, wick combustion will produce moisture, if touched, might result in tube cracking.
-Each ends of the connecting rod joint actions want so as to add common oil lubrication, the piston can’t refuel, in any other case it won’t work the resistance.

Package deal Included
1 x Stirling Engine Model
1 x Alcohol Lamp
1 x Standby Check Tube
1 x Conveyor Belt


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