• AROMATHERAPY: Our Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser will light up AND refresh any room in your home and offer you a spa-like, calm condition. The warm and golden gleam from this salt light oil diffuser will supplement any room, while additionally furnish you with a bunch of benefits.
  • NATURAL AIR PURIFIER: Oxygen molecules accused of an additional electron are known as negative particles. Generally made by characteristic events, for example, the impacts of water, air, daylight and the Earth’s innate radiation. They are most prevalent in nature, particularly around moving water or after tempest. The Himalayan salt light ingest water atom in its encompassing and discharge contrarily accuse particle of the water molecule when it dissipates decontaminating it’s surrounding.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS: Individually chose and remarkably hand cut from the mine of Khewra. Regular ionizer produced using the most perfect salt on earth. Framed from marine fossil stores more than 250 million years prior amid the Jurassic time, without human-caused contamination, for example, substantial dangerous mineral inside the present atmosphere.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY ROOM: For the ideal surrounding climate want, blur your lighting to your enjoying. Additionally use as a night light, with its quieting remedial gleam and air purging legitimacy. The dimmer switch gives you all out control on the light required and vitality consumption
  • ANTIMICROBIAL PROPERTIES: The Neem tree (Azadiracha indica) has been known as having ground-breaking wellbeing advancing properties for centuries. As indicated by U.S. national research board; more than 200 creepy crawly species, just as a few parasites, nematodes, organisms, microscopic organisms and infections are influenced by the Neem wood’s noticeable antibacterial propriety.

Combine the Power of Aromatherapy and Salt Lamps

Our Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser will light up your rooms AND refresh them in the meantime. Pour your most loved fundamental oil in the little plate to finish everything, conform to your ideal shine and get a spa-like, calm condition.

Pure, Natural Crystal Salt

Sustenance grade unadulterated Himalayan salt mined straightforwardly from the mine of Khewra and remarkably hand cut into your ideal light. This wellbeing miracle will renew your living air, while upgrading your disposition with its remedial gleam. Utilized in top of the line extravagance spa, presently accessible for your very own home. Himalayan salt light quieting golden shine and characteristic negative particle will enable you to recoup rationally and physically in the wake of a difficult day.

Natural Air Purifier & Freshener

Himalayan salt is wealthy in a decent variety of components and mineral, bringing about an assortment of shading from red, pink and white/dim. Our salt lights are stuffed with a healthy 83+ minerals and component normally solidified inside the Earth. Whenever lit, salt lights emanate negative particles that battle against decidedly charged particles that reason you to feel stuffy, focused and lazy. Himalayan salt light oil diffusers have a smooth dissemination time mitigating your soul, giving you reestablished vitality and a sentiment of unwinding.

Himalayan salt lights have been known to advance wellbeing, decrease pressure and offer a horde of different advantages, for example,

  • Purify the air naturally;
  • Clear allergens like smoke, pet dander, dusts, and other air pollutants;
  • Reduce awful odors;
  • Reduce asthma symptoms;
  • Dissolve and dispense with silt to expel toxins.

Snap the ADD TO CART catch to get your very own Himalayan oil diffuser and experience the spa-like feel in the solace of your own home. We’re so sure about our items that we offer a 30 days cash back guarantee.

Himalayan Salt Essential Oil Diffuser – Hand Carved Natural Crystal Lamp – Aromatherapy Salt Lamp with Bulb and Dimmer (Natural Shape, Natural). 

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Dimensions 9.37 × 5.91 × 5.75 cm









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