• Best Selling Delko Drywall Taping/Remodeling Banjo Packaged with USG Sheetrock Stainless Steel Mud Pan, Pro Taping/Finishing Knife Set, Adjustable Inside Corner Trowel and Drywall Mud Scoop
  • The Delko Banjo has a very solid and lightweight shockproof plastic body is ultra strong for long life. Delko is the main remodeler’s drywall taping banjo that accompanies an inside corner instrument/creaser wheel; enables you to apply tape and mud to all your interior corners.
  • Set incorporates USG Sheetrock Pro Contractor Matrix Series treated steel 6″ joint blade and 10″ taping blade – a definitive in drywall taping blades, along with
  • Versa-Trowel Adjustable Inside Corner Trowel is the expert’s decision for drywall taping. Flexible edge enables you to set/skim the tape just as calibrate and completion inside corner angles
  • Affordable Pro Quality device set for effective and quick drywall taping of joints/creases and corners. Extraordinary for aces or for DIY applications

Delko Drywall Taping Banjo with Flat Applicator and Inside Corner Applicator Wheel Plus USG Sheetrock Mud Pan, 3-Piece Pro Taping/Joint Knife and Trowel Set and Bucket/Mud Scoop

Set incorporates:

  • Delko DT-AH1 Plastic Drywall Taping Banjo
  • Inside Corner Applicator Wheel
  • Flat Seam Applicator Wheel
  • 2 Mud Flow Control Knobs
  • USG Sheetrock 10″ Stainless Steel Mud Pan
  • USG Sheetrock Matrix Series 6″ Stainless Steel Joint Knife
  • USG Sheetrock Matrix Series 10″ Stainless Steel Taping Knife
  • Versa-Trowel Adjustable Flex Inside Corner Finishing Trowel

Delko Banjo Drywall Taper with Flat & Internal Applicators is a Homax 6500 style banjo with an as good as ever work for toughness. Strong plastic and enhanced handle development broaden the life of your banjo. Incorporates both the Flat Applicator for level joints and creaser wheel/Internal Corner Applicator in one helpful bundle.

The Delko Banjo Plastic Drywall Taper Features:

  • Applies mud and tape all the while, sparing important time.
  • The mud stream is at a steady and flexible rate which enhances the nature of your taping.
  • The included mud control handle gives you a chance to modify the rate of stream for your needs.
  • A save control handle is additionally included.
  • Stainless steel gears grasp and administer the tape at an even rate.
  • The included interior corner connector enables you to apply tape and mud to all your inward corners.
  • Improved nylon handle tie is movable to suit all hand sizes
  • The banjo can hold around 5 pounds (2.25 kg) of mud and tape moves up to 500 ft (150m).

USG Sheetrock Matrix Series Professional Taping Knives were structured BY experts FOR experts. Handles are heavier for immaculate parity and highlight a sledge end and decreased, slip-safe delicate hold handle. Tempered steel cutting edges oppose rust and keep going for a considerable length of time.

Delko Drywall Banjo Taper Handheld Taping Tool with Inside Corner Roller Creaser Wheel (Banjo + USG Knives/Trowel/Pan)




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