EasyGoProducts Hand Powered Clothes Washing Wand, Blue.

  • Compact Strong Design: Patent pending outline of Washing Wand is so versatile it fits in 8 X 8 X 8 Inches box and the erosion confirmation plastic plan is 100% waterproof and won’t twist, curve, or fragment.
  • Simple to Use and Effective: Fill (2) 5 gallon containers mostly loaded with water at that point include clothing cleanser and place garments inside. At that point put Washing Wand over garments and push down and pull up to enact the washing and cleaning of garments. The water is pushed and sucked through the garments to give a careful cleaning.
  • Ergonomic Environmental Design: Designed with a scoop write handle plan. This takes into account simple use by not bending totally finished to utilize it.
  • Reasonable and Advanced Design: Own your own one of a kind clothes washer that has been particularly intended for simple and successful cleaning and the plan is so solid and waterproof it will keep going for a considerable length of time..
  • The normal clothes washer utilizes 40 gallons for each cycle contrasted with 10 gallons or less to wash Wand.


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