GRANIA, Original EGG STRIPPER, Multi Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler up to 5 Eggs at once. 

  • Peels 1-5 Eggs in less than 10 Seconds! Speedy, Simple & No Mess! Keep in mind timing may shift contingent upon the eggs.
  • EGG STRIPPER turns and pivots eggs in water using more than 100 designed knobs to release and expel egg shells!
  • Fill the EGG STRIPPER base with water up to the Water Fill Line. Include 1-5 hard-bubbled & chilled eggs. Close & Shake it here and there for around 5 Seconds
  • Remember eggs are sensitive. Try not to shake too hard or you will wind up with an “egg soup”. EGG STRIPPER clear dividers will enable you to see the egg peeling progress.
  • Seeing the white of the egg shows that egg shell was slackened enough and the egg will be prepared to slip out of its shell.

EGG STRIPPER by GRANIA. Baffled shelling hard bubbled eggs? This multi egg peeler is the most inventive, straightforward arrangement, to rapidly and mysteriously expel egg shells from up to five eggs immediately in less than 10 seconds. Request today and join our quickest developing GRANIA family! The majority of your most loved hard-bubbled egg dishes are just couple of shakes away. Just, Cook-Chill-Shake and Peel ! Also can amass to 10 peeled eggs in the refrigerator!

It would be ideal if you Note: Brown/Organic Eggs and greatly new eggs have a tendency to be more difficult to evacuate the shell. Subsequently, they may require extra couple of shakes or you may need to break the film physically in the wake of shaking to discharge the shell.

BPA Free, Easy to Store, and Dishwasher top rack.

Adhere to Our Easy Instructions:

Cooking Eggs

  • Fill medium size pot with enough water to cover the eggs.
  • Add 1 table spoon of salt and bring to boil.
  • Spoon eggs into pot and cover with a lid.
  • Bring water with eggs back to a bubble. Cook secured on medium warmth for 12 minutes.
  • Remove eggs from warmth and deplete hot water.
  • To quit cooking process, quickly run chilly water altogether over eggs and include enough cool water and ice 3D shapes to make an ice bath.
  • Chill eggs for 10 minutes.

Egg Shell Peeling

  • Fill EGG STRIPPER with cool water up to fill line.
  • Add 1 to 5 completely hard bubbled cooked and chilled eggs. Close top clockwise.
  • Hold EGG STRIPPER with the two submits upright position and shake for 5 – 6 seconds. Try not to shake too difficult to abstain from breaking eggs.
  • Eggs must stay in water amid process.
  • Fresh eggs or dark colored/natural eggs might be more difficult to expel the shell versus matured eggs. You may need to shake for a couple of moments more.
  • Turn top counter clockwise to open container.
  • If shell is as yet joined on the egg, squeeze best of the egg and back rub the shell to slide off.
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