• SOLAR POWERED-This open air sun oriented controlled emphasize light is fueled totally by the sun and outfitted with an inner lithium-particle battery pack, which charges when daylight hits the gadget’s sunlight based panel.
  • DETACHABLE SOLAR PANEL-The sun powered board on this sun powered spotlight can be left specifically over the light apparatus for a reduced, advantageous structure or be put up to 8-feet from the spotlight to take into consideration establishment under a tree or shrub and still get a full charge.
  • BRIGHT WHITE LIGHT-At sunset, the Progressive sun powered emphasize lights splendid white SMD LED lights turn on naturally and enlightens 120 lumens.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION – No electrical wiring is required for establishment, making this sun based LED spotlight the ideal light to introduce while offering a vitality and cash sparing option in contrast to electric or gas-controlled open air lighting. Essentially place the open air sun based light post light where abundant daylight is available.
  • DURABLE AND WEATHER RESISTANT – The monocrystalline silicon sunlight based boards are secured by tough, cleanable safety glass. Moreover, this Gama Sonic sun oriented fueled banner spotlight is produced using rust proof cast aluminum with a powder covered dark completion for dependable execution.. Measurements: 15″H x 7″L x 5″W
The Gama Sonic Progressive Solar Accent Light GS-103 is a simple DIY light installation for your scene or home’s outside. The open air sun powered spotlight splendid white LED encompassed by the intelligent lodging is ideal for enlightening short trees, bushes, plants, signs or any building highlights of your home. Not at all like low-voltage lighting, this sun powered spotlight requires no electrical wiring for installation—just daylight. The sun powered board sits over the spotlight but on the other hand is separable for arrangement up to 8-feet away. The sunlight based fueled complement light will turn on consequently at nightfall and will sparkle at a splendor of 120 lumens in a splendid white shading temperature for as long as 6 hours on a full sun oriented charge. The Progressive’s clear ABS plastic focal point is flexible for a limited or wide shaft spotlight. The sunlight based fueled spotlight is produced using rock solid cast aluminum with a powder-covered dark completion and accompanies two mounting stakes- – one for the light, one for the sun oriented board whenever withdrew. This sun based scene spotlight additionally has a discretionary base for putting the light on level surfaces. The monocrystalline silicon sun oriented board is secured by climate safe, cleanable safety glass that guarantees life span and dependability. A bright day without cloudy ought to be adequate to give a full sun powered charge. Energizing rate will shift dependent on climate conditions, however no charging will happen if direct sun does not sparkle on the sun based board. Try not to put the sun powered LED spotlight or sun oriented board in the shade. For any item questions or unforeseen issues with your Gama Sonic item, our help group at our Atlanta base camp is here to help. Note: For guarantee claims, contact Gama Sonic USA client support by telephone at 1-800-835-4113 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time or by email at [email protected]
Gama Sonic GS-103 Progressive Garden Landscape Spotlight Outdoor Solar Powered Light on Stake, Bright White LED. 


Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7.2 × 5.3 cm



Gama Sonic


Bright White LED






Lawn & Patio


















Two-year limited warranty if purchased after January 1, 2015 (one-year limited warranty if purchased earlier).




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