Galaxy S9 Plus Screen Protector [2-Pack], ILLUMI AquaShield HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film Screen Protector for Galaxy S9 Plus (Case Friendly Compatible). 

  • Industry driving iLLumiShield Lifetime Warranty! Ought to your ILLUMI AquaShield screen defender for Galaxy S9 Plus ever wear, essentially get in touch with us for an issue free replacement
  • Military review film utilized as a part of making ILLUMI AquaShield Galaxy S9 Plus screen defenders is intended to withstand scratches, marks, rub that would hurt your gadget. Thin yet sturdy, ILLUMI AquaShield screen covers give premium edge-to-edge security without including superfluous bulk.
  • UV-safe layer forestalls yellowing guaranteeing your screen remains perfectly clear for upgraded seeing joy not at all like matte complete and security protectors.
  • Virtually Invisible – ILLUMI AquaShield completely clear HD defenders are smooth to the touch and keep your gadget completely responsive. Experience frictionless swiping on account of the glass-like surface of the ILLUMI AquaShield multi-layered film
  • Unique silicone glue layer guarantees a problem and air pocket free establishment. The wet-introduce process takes into consideration changes amid the establishment for better results

ILLUMI AquaShield Ultra Clear HD Screen Protector for Galaxy S9 Plus The progressive and best approach to keep your most loved cell phone secured is with ILLUMI AquaShield premium HD completely clear Galaxy S9 Plus screen protector. Created utilizing military-review materials, AquaShield defenders are intended to keep your gadget secured against the rigors of regular daily existence. ILLUMI AquaShield defenders are produced using a one of a kind film that is the hardest in its class and highlights a self-recuperating UV-safe layer that counteracts yellowing as well as opposes scratches, gouges, and scraped areas.

It’s as though it’s not by any means there!

  • Virtually imperceptible – 99.9% Ultra Crystal Clear.
  • State-of-the-craftsmanship fabricating process brings about exact protectors.
  • Outermost defensive layer offers a glass-like feel while keeping your screen completely protected.
  • Wet Install – Unique establishment process takes into consideration development amid the establishment for best results.

Prolong the Life and Retain the Value of Your Device

  • Military-review film utilized is made to withstand scratches, marks and abrasions.
  • Prevents clean, grime, and earth from gathering on your device.
  • Self-mending UV-safe layer avoids yellowing and keeps your gadget in perfect condition.
Weight 0.15 kg
Dimensions 6.8 × 4.5 × 1 cm







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