Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector (2-Pack), IQ Shield LiQuidSkin Full Coverage Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8 (Maximum Coverage, Edge to Edge) HD Clear Anti-Bubble Film. 

  • The IQ Shield Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector incorporates our restrictive screen defender, establishment plate or shower arrangement, squeegee, build up free material, and natural establishment instructions
  • Innovative LIQuidSkin glue combined with our remarkable IQ Shield wet-introduce technique guarantees simple, without bubble and dissatisfaction free establishment that will leave the film consummately formed to any device
  • Unlike other normal screen defenders, IQ Shield LIQuidSkin defenders are created utilizing a progressive procedure that merges high reaction affectability, self mending sturdiness, and non-yellowing, optical straightforwardness into a solitary layer of adaptable yet intense film
  • Classified as a “savvy film” and optically straightforward once connected, the LIQuidSkin line consistently blends portable insurance and client intelligence into a solitary charming experience

IQ Shield LIQuidSkin Screen Protector

The IQ Shield LIQuid Screen Protector for Galaxy Note 8 (Edge to Edge) is outwardly undetectable and gives finish edge-to-edge scope of your gadget’s screen. Utilizing a one of a kind fluid trim process, our defensive film overlooks ordinary “layer-stacking” to convey prime security in a solitary sheet of frictionless, intense yet adaptable, solid yet thin, perfectly clear film with “Genuine Feel” affectability.

Additional Features of the Galaxy Note 8 Screen Protector (Edge to Edge):

  • The IQ Shield LIQuidSkin film highlights self-mending, and in addition, hostile to scratch capacities. The defender will mend itself by returning to its unique state, expelling minor scratches, imprints, scraped areas and defects along the way.
  • Provides a spotless and straightforward approach to keep your device(s) protected.
  • Unique cement guarantees an air pocket free application that does not leave deposit when removed.
  • UV defensive layer anticipates yellowing, keeping the IQ Shield Galaxy Note 8 screen defender (Edge to Edge) precious stone clear.
  • “True-Feel” affectability keeps up your gadget’s screen completely responsive; taking out slack time from touch to response.
  • Unlike different defenders, the Shield LIQuidSkin can form to the bended and round edges of any device
  • Designed and Made Proudly in the USA


Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 11.34 × 4.49 × 0.79 cm





IQ Shield


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IQ Shield


IQ Shield






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