G Fuel Hydration Blue Rocket Pop Tub (30 Servings) Elite Hydration Formula. 

  • G FUEL Hydration is expected to be utilized as a hydration-arrangement/thirst-quencher
  • G FUEL Hydration is sans sugar (sucralose is the sugar we use to supplant sugar)
  • G FUEL Hydration, not at all like G FUEL Energy, is caffeine-free
  • G FUEL Hydration contains a Focus added substance – More particularly – the center amino “L-Tyrosine” – This fixing significantly enhances one’s level of center and fills in as a fixing that isolates us from the run of the mill “sports drink”
  • G FUEL Hydration is Vitamin-Fortified – Our equation contains a powerful mix of different nutrients that you’d find among a considerable lot of the business’ driving refreshments. oVitamin C oVitamin B12 oVitamin E oVitamin D3 oVitamin B6
We recognize what you’re considering. “Man! G FUEL has got everything! Taste! Assortment! Legitimate fixings! A consistent blend of ENERGY, FOCUS, and ANTIOXIDANT Complexes! Mind blowing showcasing! Eloquent email battles! They’re similar to the Michael Jordan of Energy Drinks!!!” Okay okay…We get it! We’re astonishing. Be that as it may, tune in! While G FUEL considers every contingency (incredibly we may include) with regards to ENERGY, FOCUS, and ENDURANCE, there is one key segment that it falls only a touch short on. What “segment” would we say we are discussing? HYDRATION, ya’ dingus!!! HYDRATION is significant key! It’s science! It resembles the foundation of life or something! Along these lines, better believe it! In view of the previously mentioned significance of HYDRATION and how it’s a “noteworthy key” and the wellspring of life and such other stuff, we chose to make a BRAND-NEW, GROUND-BREAKING, STATE-OF-THE-ART HYDRATION FORMULA…More specifically…G FUEL HYDRATION!!! It’s Electrolyte-Fortified! It’s Vitamin-Fortified! It’s Caffeine-Free! It even has a Focus-Amino! Also, the best part? This recipe variation will recharge your body’s basic minerals that are lost when you perform physical exercises – AKA – When you sweat! Think about this Hydration Formula as the new, go-to-refreshing arrangement in your life! What’s more, as though the majority of this news wasn’t energizing enough, we’ll be acquainting G FUEL HYDRATION with you in 4, tasty, at no other time seen flavors!!! What an opportunity to be alive!!!
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Dimensions 4.45 × 3.66 × 2.95 cm

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