FurReal Glitter Go Go My Walkin Pup. 

  • Plush, electronic doggie makes adorable pup sounds
  • She sways her tail, moves her head and squirms her body
  • She gets energized when you join her rope since she knows you’re going some place fun
  • Puppy accompanies a sparkly remote control rope so you can manage her where you need her to go

Young ladies can leave on their own one of a kind undertakings with the FURREAL FRIENDS GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP pet! With strands of sparkle in her delicate and textured ears, she is certain to make an in vogue entrance wherever she goes. This charming little dog doesn’t simply walk. She additionally barks, sways her tail, and reacts to your touch. When you append her chain to go for a walk, your GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP pet will sway her tail and bark since she knows you’re en route to some place fun.

Attach her sparkly chain and take her for a stroll with you.


She has strands of sparkle in her delicate fuzzy ears.


Fashionable Walking Dog!

This strolling hound from FURREAL FRIENDS is trendy, and prepared for some good times! GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP toy has delicate ears that radiance and sparkle. She additionally accompanies a sparkly purple and pink rope that you control her with as you walk together. GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP toy is so upbeat to be with you that she reacts to your touch when you pet her. She’ll sway her tail, gasp, and bark simply like a genuine puppy to tell you she’s eager to go out for a stroll and play.

She Responds To Your Touch!

You’ll have some good times flaunting your elegant strolling pup! You are responsible for this sweet white little dog when you connect her sparkly rope and guide her to walk left, right or straight ahead. Your FURREAL FRIENDS GOGO MY WALKIN’ PUP toy will even stroll in circles or figure eights on the off chance that you need her to! Just tenderly pet her and she’ll bark, move her head and sway her tail to tell you that she is so eager to be your companion.

Glitter Fun and Fashion!

This white strolling little dog is such a cutie! GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP toy from FURREAL FRIENDS is certain to stop people in their tracks wherever she goes. With strands of sparkle in her fuzzy ears, GO MY WALKIN’ PUP pet gleams and shimmers for all to see. She cherishes to wear her shimmering pink and purple rope and go for strolls together simply like a genuine pooch! What’s more, she reacts to your touch! When you pet GO MY WALKIN’ PUP toy she will bark, move her head and sway her tail!

What’s In The Box?

GOGO, MY WALKIN’ PUP toy, rope and guidelines.

Pet your little dog, and she’ll react by making upbeat pup sounds.


Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 12 × 9.2 cm







FurReal Friends










FurReal Friends




FurReal Friends


1 year warranty against manufacturer defects






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