Fowler Full Warranty Stainless Steel Shockproof Dial Caliper, 52-008-706-0, 0-6″ Measuring Range, 0.001″ Graduation Interval, Face Color White. 

Full 1 year guarantee offered by Fowler High Precision, an American organization

Dial graduations of 0.001″ with one upheaval identical to 0.100″

Solidified stainless steel development for erosion protection and long life, shockproof hostile to kickback control with substantial obligation spring for exactness

Knurled bolt sink holds the sliding jaw position to help guarantee a predictable estimation

Secured rack to keep earth and flotsam and jetsam from stopping up the apparatus, and to help forestall estimation blunders

The Fowler Shockproof stainless steel dial caliper has dial graduations of 0.001″ with 0.001″ precision, shockproof against backfire control, a sliding jaw with a bolt, and a secured rack. This caliper is utilized for estimating inside measurements (ID), outside measurements (OD), profundity, and step. This item has a 1 year guarantee offered by Fowler High Precision. In the event that you encounter any issue contact Fowler specifically for guarantee claims.

Shockproof spring hostile to kickback control with a substantial obligation spring offers expanded exactness over standard rigging setups. Backfire is the measure of leeway between mated apparatus teeth in the caliper controls that keeps the rigging teeth from sticking. It is unwanted to have much reaction because of the absence of accuracy offered by the expanded measure of play between gears. Certain apparatus plans can limit or dispense with kickback; spring hostile to backfire frameworks utilize a spring to include a compressive power, accordingly limiting kickback.

This caliper has a knurled bolt screw to hold the sliding jaw in position and help guarantee a steady estimation. A secured rack keeps earth and garbage from obstructing the apparatus, and counteracts estimation mistakes. A thumb-worked fine modification roller takes into consideration one-gave utilize.

The caliper measures 0.10″ per insurgency of the dial. The dial has 0.001″ graduations, and the pillar has engraved 0.1″ graduations. The solidified stainless steel parts, including the pillar, estimating surfaces, rack, riggings, and profundity bar, offer erosion protection, expanded precision, and long life. Independent development dispenses with equip misalignment, while the double pinion drive system decreases wear on the rack and pinion. A flexible dial empowers setting zero. The solidified stainless steel is cleaned to a glossy silk chrome complete, to help avert glare. This caliper accompanies a fitted case.

Dial calipers are estimating instruments ordinarily utilized for assessment in assembling to give the exact estimations of a question. A couple of jaws connected to a long pillar with a stamped scale is utilized to gauge inside, outside, and step estimations in standard or metric units. An extra profundity test slides along the bar to take profundity estimations. One jaw is settled to the finish of the scale, while the other jaw slides along it to take estimations. A roundabout dial pointer is settled to the mobile jaw on a toothed rigging rack that exchanges development of the jaws to the dial needle. The base estimation is taken from the long bar, which gives the underlying entire estimation in inches or centimeters, and added to the dial perusing, which gives fragmentary estimations in inches or millimeters. A locking component gives the capacity to take differential estimations for deciding the distinction in estimations between two items. Contrasted with advanced calipers, dial calipers are more strong, yet are more defenseless to stun harm and inclined to getting soil in the apparatuses, which can cause precision issues. Vernier calipers are more sturdy than dial calipers since they don’t have inside moving parts, however they can be more hard to peruse. Dial calipers are generally utilized as a part of fields, for example, metalworking, mechanical designing, machining, and carpentry.

Fowler, an American organization, fabricates review and estimation instruments, for example, electronic pointers, calipers, bore gages, and computerized scales. The organization, established in 1946, is headquartered in Newton, MA.

What’s in the Box? • Fowler Shockproof 0-6″ dial caliper • Fitted case


Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 9.8 × 3.5 × 1 cm







Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc.














Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc.


1 yr warranty on material and workmanship




Fred V. Fowler Company, Inc.


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