Family tree chart blank to be personalized genealogy Family tree chart 2-per-order blank posters to be personalized w/genealogy, gifts for baby, men, women, grandparents, mother/father in-laws.

  • Presents for babies, youngsters, men, ladies, mother, father in-law, grandparents and educators: you get two ornamental family tree notices per single thing requested with this uncommon.
  • Imaginative representation prints with oak tree, limbs, leaves, oak seeds, sun, mists, butterfly, squirrel, winged creatures, kid and pooch running in a knoll. Scan for 19 x 13″ outlines if wanted, excluded. Blessing informing is accessible. Illustrations are appeared for finished look have several “patches” stick-included for seventh era.
  • Additional coordinating paper is incorporated. Holds up to 6 ages with clear spaces you (or your blessing beneficiary) can wrap up by filling in name, last name by birth (recorded on maternal side just), conceived, passed on, wedded (recorded on congenial side just), lived (recorded on friendly side just), additional space to include random goodies of data.


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