EVERIE Collapsible Hinged Sous Vide Container Lid for Anova Culinary Precision Cookers, Fits 12,18,22 Quart Rubbermaid Container (Corner Mount). 

  • Sous Vide Lids, intended to consummately mount ANOVA sous vide cookers to 12,18,22 Qt Rubbermaid sous vide compartments. Just cover included.
  • Mininum Water Evaporation, Cook long time even finished night without refilling water.
  • Patent Pending Design, the mount gaps in the holder corner where the water stream is enhanced for warm transfer
  • Easier Access to Foods, essentially crease the cover in focus to include or evacuate nourishments in the water shower whenever. The solid pivot is tried to be useful for 100,000 uses.
  • No Bag Clamps Required, Flexible BPA free plastic cover clasps vacuum fixed packs to the compartment immovably to maintain a strategic distance from sacks from swimming in the bath.

A superior answer for sous vide cooking culinary specialists with ANOVA cookers where water shower dissipation is irritating.

You don’t need to stress over the water dissipation as the top miniminzes the warmth misfortune and steam misfortune by solidly covering the compartment. Cook long and you don’t need to refill water, especially during the evening.

A sous vide cover for the most well-known utilized compartment – Rubbermaid 12 18 22 Qt holder. Exact size for both Anova sous vide cookers and Rubbermaid holders.

Least Heat Loss, sous vide cooking requires exceptionally precise water cooking temperature where warm misfortune could be a major factor that makes disappointment of cooking. Other than sous vide balls this cover is protected, with just 5 ventilation outlets, to limit warm misfortune.

Side mount or corner mount accessible, since ANOVA is mixing the water to influence water to warm trade, once in a while it is smarter to utilize a cover with side mount (ASIN:B071L6NN6M) and some of the time it is smarter to utilize a top with corner hill (ASIN:B071L6PRY8).

Easy access to refill or expel nourishment. The EVERIE SOUS VIDE LID is intended to be foldable in the inside while cooking, so you could without much of a stretch overlap it to check the substance or include sustenances where a few formulas require multi cooking timing, for instance an aggravation with requires 1,5 Hour cooking while another 2 eggs in a similar formula requires 30 minutes.

Works with:

Rubbermaid 18 QT holder: FG631800

Rubbermaid 12 QT holder: FG631200

Rubbermaid 22 QT holder: FG632200

Anova: Model No. PCB-120US-K1 & A3.2-120V-US

An EVERIE Designed & Manufactured Product

EVERIE – Every Possible Gadgets

Patent Pending

Just the top is incorporated, the Rubbermaid compartment and ANOVA cooker are for introduction reason. Everie isn’t embraced or supported by Rubbermaid or Anova.

Weight 0.3 kg
Dimensions 11.26 × 10.55 × 0.55 cm









Corner mount for Anova




Plastic lid for Rubbermaid container










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