Element Case Black Ops ’18 Drop Tested case for iPhone Xs Max – Black (EMT-322-198E-01). 

  • DROPSHOCKBODY Exclusive effect engrossing three-layer plan (aluminum, polycarbonate, TPU) scatters vitality to withstand outrageous impact.
  • CNC MACHINED ALUMINUM Side rails on the case are CNC machined from flying machine review aluminum, at that point globule impacted and “hard anodized” for a super intense stealth finish.
  • SLS SCREW LOCK SYSTEM a definitive level of insurance 10 tempered steel screws secure the aluminum side rails to the DropShock Body (EC Hex Tool included).
  • G10 REINFORCED BACK PLATE CNC machined military review glass composite used to make a case that opposes curving and bending.
  • FAST TAP CNC BUTTONS CNC machined aluminum catches ensure iPhone controls while giving brisk and simple utilization of volume and on/off functions.
The new age Black OPS keeps on expanding on its incredible legacy, with forceful outline and undeniable style improved by expanded strategic material and highlights. CNC machined G10 and air ship review aluminum give the skeleton a rough establishment, to which super extreme dark compose III “hard anodized” covering is included for a non-glare, field prepared wrap up. We likewise present the following level of our exclusive DropShock innovation, extended to give affect engrossing advantages past the corners and over the whole case body. Lightweight and low mass, Black OPS conveys a definitive in incognito protection.
Dimensions 7.5 × 4.5 × 1.1 cm

Element Case




Wireless Phone Accessory




Element Case


Element Case




Element Case


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