Egg Cooker Cups – for Hard and Soft Boiled Eggs Without Shells. Set of 6 Made from Non-Stick, BPA Free Silicone. As Seen on TV. Easy to Use. Bonus Recipe eBook. Delicious Healthy Egg Dishes Every Time. 

  • 🐔NOT ALL EGG COOKERS ARE EQUAL! SchiPPer’s Egg Cases are in their very own classification – produced using the most noteworthy quality, FDA Approved, BPA Free silicone and quality-tried to a radical new level.
  • 🐔CRACK, BOIL, POP that is all you have to improve the situation the ideal egg without fail! Shower a minor piece of oil to grease up the case, break the egg into the egg cooker, put in water and fly out when it’s set. We’ve even incorporated a FREE egg formula eBook on the off chance that you come up short on ideas.
  • 🐔THIS 6 PIECE SET ALLOWS EVERYONE TO SIT DOWN TO EAT TOGETHER. Regardless of whether it’s delicate bubbled poached or hard bubbled eggs, extravagant and dainty little omelets with veggies, cheddar or meat or fried eggs, everybody gets served together on the grounds that they all cook in a similar pot with only a couple of minutes deciding how well done the egg becomes.
  • 🐔HAVING DIFFICULTY GETTING THE KIDS TO EAT THEIR EGGS? Give them a chance to enable you to get ready them and after that pop them out onto their very own plate and simply observe how they eat up those little supernatural occurrences of protein. Life just got a ton simpler! (If it’s not too much trouble fend off youthful kids from hot water).
  • 🐔BUY NOW and permit yourself the joy of eating your eggs anyway you like them, steadily, with a base measure of oil, cooked by steam, with any increases you may wish and with a base cleanup! (Ensure that any meat items are completely cooked before being included). This is a NO-RISK buy! On the off chance that you are troubled in any capacity, simply return inside 30 days for a full refund.

It’s a reality! Eggs are useful for you! They are the first pre-stuffed nourishment and an incredible discovery!Regardless of how we like to eat our eggs, setting them up the ideal and solid way can some of the time be a test. We at SchiPPer present to you a definitive egg cooker cases – simple, clean, constantly scrumptious and basically idiot proof. Simply put the shut mugs in a pot with water and hello presto!


* 6 White Silicone ShiPPer egg cooking containers with red tops.

* Instruction manual incorporated into the bundling.

* FREE BONUS Egg Recipe eBook.

The cooking cups are made of FDA endorsed, nourishment review silicone and the red tops are made of FDA affirmed sustenance review PP Plastic the two of which are of the most astounding quality and totally BPA Free.

Each container is the ideal size for any size egg with extra fixings and they take up no space and are essentially indestructible.

The thermodynamic design enables the mugs to go about as a surrogate shell for the egg with the goal that the egg cooks precisely as it would in the shell.

Egg boilers or egg cookers are an incredible expansion to your kitchen. Boil numerous eggs without a moment’s delay and every individual from the family can have their very own most loved kind of egg all the while which implies that everybody gets the opportunity to eat together.

* Soft bubbled eggs take the slightest time, only 8 – 10 Minutes

* Followed by medium bubbled 11 – 13 minutes

* Hardboiled 13 – 16 minutes

* Omelets and fried eggs only 13 – 15 minutes.

Instruction manual is incorporated with all the important information.

You can even include your most loved ingredients to your omelets, for example, vegetables, cheddar and meat. (All meat items must be completely cooked before starting to cook the eggs). Simply allude to your FREE BONUS Egg Recipe eBook so you never come up short on new thoughts.

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