All New Dual Head Led Grow Light Advance Spectrum LED Clip On Desktop Grow Lamp Clamp Gooseneck and Double on/off Switch for Garden Greenhouse?Indoor Plants and Hydroponic

  • THE GROW LAMP: Each light contains 3 red LED lights and 2 blue ones. The body is made of aluminum composite; giving quality and strength. The attachment zone and power switch are made of plastic.
  • EASY TO USE: This New lighting framework clasps to the side of any work area or counter; taking up almost no space. Essentially cut on and connect to any electrical outlet. With the double switch, you choose in the event that you need one light on or both. The Adjusting Gooseneck handles can be handed over all bearings to give the best point to lighting. The Dual light heads can confront a similar course or face inverse bearings to cover a more noteworthy zone. The double light framework gives more prominent scope than before.
  • PURPOSE: This develop light is useful for use at each phase of plant development from sprouting to blossoming. The light discharged can help turn withering plants solid again and help give a more noteworthy yield. Awesome for plant specialists who cherish year round crisp herbs, indoor new blossoms or getting a head begin on spring crops that can be planted inside and afterward taken outside after the frost.
  • THE RESULTS: Healthier and wealth in plants and crops.
Dual Head 10W RGB LED Smart light that is extraordinary for little work area plants or to use as a seedling starter. Light has 10 LED’s, 6 Red & 4 Blue. Wavelength: Red (640nm-680nm) Blue (430nm-450nm)


Weight 1.18 kg
Dimensions 6.1 × 5.98 × 4.09 cm

Chrome with white cord






Zhuhai Week Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Bullitt Electrics, LLC




Zhuhai Week Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Bullitt Electrics, LLC




Zhuhai Week Photoelectric Co., Ltd. and Bullitt Electrics, LLC


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