• Best moving drywall taping banjo on the planet PLUS an expert quality taping/joint knife.
  • Joint cut is an indispensable segment for taping with a banjo – use it to cut the tape, smooth and skim joints as you go
  • Speeds up drywall taping by applying tape and mud in a solitary advance! Apply 60 feet of tape in 60 seconds!
  • Adjustable mud stream dial for the ideal measure of joint compound on your tape.
  • USG Sheetrock Pro Series 6″ Joint Knife has delicate hold handle, carbon steel edge, flawless feel, balance and flex.
Homax 6500 Drywall Taping Banjo. Handheld Taper unit incorporates an expert quality joint blade which is completely fundamental for taping with a banjo. Utilize the blade to cut the tape, squeeze tape into corners and smooth/skim the joints and bed the tape after application. The USG Sheetrock 6″ Pro Series Joint Knife is an expert quality device with execution and sturdiness path past the modest putty blades. Carbon steel sharp edge opposes rust and has the ideal measure of flex for taping joints. The delicate hold handle feels extraordinary in your grasp and won’t slip like less expensive blades with hard plastic handles. It has a sledge end for sinking any nails that are over the outside of the drywall. The Homax 6500 Banjo is the lightweight response to make your taping quicker and less demanding. Ideal for remodelers and for experts that need to tape drywall creases in tight territories, for example, storage rooms or little spaces. The Homax Banjo applies the mud and tape in one simple advance. Tape is progressively reliable as the stream of mud is movable to your requirements utilizing the change dial. Apply 60 feet of tape in 60 seconds. Line up by bedding the tape with the included joint blade and smoothing abundance mud to make a spotless crease that won’t rankle or break. Highlights: Simultaneously Applies The Mud And Tape. Reliable Mud Flow Lessening The Chance of Blistering. Customizable Dial Adjusts The Rate Of Mud Flow. Treated Steel Gears Grip And Dispense Tape Evenly. Holds Approximately 5 lbs. (2.25 kg) Of Mud. Holds Tape Rolls Up To 500 ft. (150m).
Homax 6500 Remodeler’s Drywall Banjo Taping Tool – Apply Sheet-rock Mud and Tape Simultaneously (Banjo + Joint Knife)
Weight 5 kg



















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