DocaPole 6-24 foot Extension Pole – Multi-Purpose Telescopic Pole//Light Bulb Changer//Paint Roller//Duster Pole//Telescoping Pole for Window Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, and Hanging Lights. 

  • THE ONLY EXTENSION POLE YOU’LL EVER NEED – stretching out the distance to 24 feet from just 6 feet, this retractable expansion shaft plays out all the difficult to achieve assignments commonly requiring posts of two lengths; from high roofs, dividers, fans and recessed lighting inside to drains, tall trees, rooftops and windows outdoors.
  • NEW STRAIGHT METAL TIP + MULTI-ANGLE TIP ATTACHMENT – new double tip combo meets every practical prerequisite; the straight metal tip will confront all your hardest errands, while the recently strengthened multi-point tip appends to the metal tip, when required, to give more than 180 degrees of revolution to locate the best shaft plot for cleaning drains, tidying roof fans, painting, aeronautical photography, home examinations, and performing other one of a kind tasks.
  • EASY UPRIGHT EXTENSION AND USE – the DocaPole is effectively stretched out straight up because of its short 6 foot withdrew length, encouraging simple and safe expansion inside and in other tight places. Other long adjustable posts just withdraw to 8 feet and require additional space for even augmentation before being turned upright.
  • COMPACT STORAGE AND TRANSPORT – short withdrawn shaft length encourages simple stockpiling in the wardrobe or holding tight a shop divider – and empowers the post to serenely fit into an auto trunk or truck bed for simple transportation while additionally making the post more secure for conveying inside. The speedy discharge thumb lever fastens empower simple post augmentation and retraction
  • USE WITH ANY SCREW-ON ATTACHMENT – seek DOCAPOLE ATTACHMENTS to see our line of tidying connections – the post’s general metal and strengthened nylon screw tips are additional sturdy and work with almost all shaft connections, including paint rollers, squeegees, dusters, cleaning brushes, recovery snares, natural product pickers, canal cleaners, rooftop rakes, camera connectors, light changers, pool skimmers, and that’s just the beginning (ATTACHMENTS NOT INCLUDED)

The 24 foot DocaPole is the main augmentation post you’ll require – sufficiently long to play out the entirety of your difficult to achieve errands and sufficiently collapsible to securely utilize and store inside. The DocaPole is a unique, rock solid augmentation shaft, ideally intended for expert and DIY applications.

The DocaPole was composed and tried against contender posts for ideal quality, convenience and capacity, sturdiness, and shaft strain at full augmentation. Moreover, the post brags highlights not accessible on different shafts, including the multi-point tip, thumb lever fastens, catch screw modifications, and elastic handle grasps to guarantee unrivaled execution and solace. The DocaPole won’t disillusion!

DocaPole applications are constrained just by the creative ability. We keep on being flabbergasted by the assortment of ways our clients utilize the DocaPole. With the correct connections and supplies, the sky is the limit.

Here are a couple of client cases of the numerous one of a kind employments of the DocaPole: window washing, paint brush or paint roller extender, drain cleaner, shake climbing stick cut, Ham Radio reception apparatuses, deer stand recovery shaft, watercraft snare, rooftop cleaner, recovering post for evacuating branches, toys, and rambles from trees or rooftops; tidying over high roof fans, bookshelves, and high window ledges in portals; hanging Christmas lights; changing surge lights, recessed lights, and high roof lights; camera and GoPro augmentation shaft for high flying and 360 degree photography and video for shows, brandishing occasions, land, rooftop reviews, and….the list goes on! (For cameras, we prescribe obtaining one of the painters shaft camera connectors sold by ClickSnap.)

The DocaPole is a demonstrated and tried utility expansion shaft. We keep on being persuaded, in light of client input, that the DocaPole gives the best client estimation of any post available. Furthermore, we think you’ll be persuaded too.

Weight 3.95 kg
Dimensions 76 × 3.25 × 3 cm







Silver, Gold, and Black












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